Take a look at the people behind Rock School.

That photo is of Monique and Everclear lead singer Art Alexakis.

Originally from New Roads, La, Monique Gregoire went against the grain of “country life” by listening to Led Zeppelin, Beastie Boys, Pearl Jam, Sublime, Everclear, AC/DC, and Weezer, … proving her a rebel in her own mind. She graduated in the Spring of 2004 from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications and a something-point-whoa GPA. There she met her rock star husband who moonlighted as a KSLU DJ. Though she claims no musical talent other than turning on the radio, she always knew music was her destiny. Monique was so impressed with Dr. Burns, she stalked her way into a job at KSLU and landed the Rock School co-host position. Now a proud and loyal Rock School sidekick, she’s able to bake 20 minute brownies in 10 minutes, make weeping willows giggle and flowers have stopped to smell her. She sells ads, serves the community, and is well known as an all-around bad girl.

That photo is from about 1988. I'm playing in a band named Rick and The Rockets backing up an Elvis impersonator. Really.

Joe Burns (That's "Doctor" Burns to you students) grew up in the home of Rock and Roll; Cleveland, Ohio. At 15 years old he attended a party and heard Van Halen for the first time. All dreams of being a vet were abandoned and a rock star was born. Since none of Dr. Burns' bands were ever signed to recording contracts, a disc jockey was born. Now, after 12 years in radio and two more academic degrees, Dr. Burns teaches in the Communication department and hosts Rock School because he wants his kids to think he's cool. He expects to host the show for at least a decade or until he simply cannot think of another viable topic. When he gets to "Rock Stars Who Wear Shoes," it's time to quit.