White-tailed Deer
The white-tailed deer lives in much of the United States and Southern Canada and south into Central and South America. This particular species can be found in 45 of 50 U.S States.
The deer's diet consists of a wide variety of vegetation. They eat bark, roots, nuts, fruits and leaf material as well as some types of fungus.
An interesting fact about the white-tailed deer is that every year the male's antlers shed and new antlers regrow. The antlers are made of a protein similar to our hair and fingernails. Adult males can weigh up to 300 lbs in Eastern states, while those living in the desert are often smaller. Females generally only weigh up to 125 lbs.
White-tailed deer are not considered threatened. In fact, in many areas the deer population is huge and their eating habits often result in the destruction of crops and gardens.