Water Hyacinth

            The Water Hyacinth is popular in decorative ponds and water gardens because of its beautiful flowers. The plant is a native of South America. It was brought to North America during the 1800’s and has caused huge problems as a result. It is considered an invasive species. Invasive species, both plants and animals, can be incredibly damaging to ecosystems to which they do not belong. There are seldom enough predators to keep the population of an invasive species in check. As a result, they can grow rapidly to the point of excessive overpopulation. Within two weeks, the population of water hyacinths can double. This has led to entire waterways becoming covered by this plant which grows over the surface of the water. Native plants have to struggle to survive in the presence of such a quick-growing invader. With fewer plants to create oxygen, the water can become oxygen deprived which can result in the death of many aquatic creatures that rely on oxygen to survive.