Tupelo Gum

            The Tupelo Gum, also called Swamp Gum or Water Gum, is a tree that has adapted to live in swamps and very wet soil. The base of the Tupelo Gum is wider than the rest of the tree, which gives it more stability in soft and swampy soils. It grows in the South from Virginia to Louisiana along the coast. It also grows in states along the Mississippi River banks, up to the Southern tip of Illinois. It grows in areas where flooding is common. These trees require a lot of sunlight and do not grow well in shade. Tupelo Gum trees can grow up to 90 feet and have been recorded to live as long as 1000 years.

            The fruit of the Tupelo Gum is ripe in late summer and early fall and is an important food source for wildlife. The honey made from Tupelo Gum is quite expensive and rare and it is said to be very delicious.