A habitat is the area in which a population (a group of animals of the same species) lives. Within the habitat, the organisms can find food, shelter, water and everything else they need to survive. Every species of animal requires a certain type of habitat. For example, a wetland habitat would be a good place for a population of alligators, but if alligators lived in the forest on top of a mountain, staying warm and getting food would be much more difficult. Also, though some plants have adapted to live in swamps with their roots covered by water, many other plants would die if their roots were flooded for too long. That is why some plants and animals are found in wetlands, while others can live best in the desert, the forest or even in an area covered completely by snow. Wetlands, the ocean, deserts, forests and snowy tundra are all examples of habitats.

This fish can live in an ocean habitat, but can you imagine how difficult it would be for a bear to live here? In what kind of habitat would you find a bear?