American Green Tree Frog

The American Green Tree Frog lives in wetland areas including lakes, ponds, swamps and marshes. They inhabit the Southern region of the United States. Their diet consists mainly of insects and small invertebrates.

Like other amphibians, frogs must lay their eggs in moist areas where they will not dry out. Every amphibian has adapted to this in their own way. The American Green Tree Frog attaches her eggs to aquatic plants in shallow waters. The offspring begin their lives as tadpoles. They have no legs and they have gills to enable them to breathe underwater. As they grow into adulthood, tadpoles form legs and lose their gills in order to survive on land. This process begins around two months after hatching.

Green tree frogs are most active at night. Sometimes they can be seen during the day, especially after a rain shower. Like other small creatures, these frogs have become a popular pet in many households.