As the risk of extinction increases, a threatened species may be considered endangered. An endangered species has a high risk of becoming extinct. Usually the number of individual organisms (living creatures) in an endangered species is low and continues to drop—more organisms are dying and fewer are being reproduced.

The United States and many other countries around the world have laws that keep people from harming endangered plants or animals. Recently, there are even laws that protect the habitats of endangered species. In history, there have been a few species that have been endangered and are now recovering and the populations are growing again. Unfortunately, many species that have become endangered have not begun to recover. It requires a lot of work and commitment by many people, governments and organizations to help an endangered species recover until they are no longer considered threatened. It can be done, but everyone has to help in some way.

This is a baby Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle. These sea turtles are endangered and are getting closer and closer to extinction.