Bald Cypress

  The Bald Cypress is native in the South from Delaware to Texas and into the Southern region of Illinois and Indiana. It is well-adapted to live in swamps and wetland areas because of its large base that gives it stability in swampy soil. The leaves of the Bald Cypress are small and needle-like. In the South, the leaves stay green all year. The tree can grow up to 95 feet in height, but it takes a long time for them to grow this large. Bald Cypress can live up to 600 years in the right conditions, but because their wood is valuable and resistant to decay, many trees are cut down and used for lumber and other purposes long before the trees reach old age.

The roots of the Bald Cypress forms “knees” that extend out into the water or land around the tree. The purpose of the knees is not clear, but they are thought to provide additional stability to the tree. The Bald Cypress is a source of shelter for many species of animals, and the seeds are an important food source.

          long before the trees reach old age.