The Earth’s atmosphere is made up of gases that surround the Earth. The atmosphere is broken up into layers. The layer furthest from the Earth is called the exosphere and it extends from 300 to 6,000 miles away from the surface of the Earth. Humans and other living creatures can only survive in the atmosphere within a couple of miles from the surface of the Earth. Most of the oxygen and heat is found closest to the surface of the Earth and it quickly runs out as you move further away.

            The air we breathe is more than ¾ Nitrogen and less than ¼ Oxygen. A very small amount of Argon (an element in the form of a gas), Carbon Dioxide and water vapor are also in our air. Smoke and other types of pollution can also get trapped in the atmosphere and makes air less healthy for all living creatures. The atmosphere is a very important part of our lives, but most people don’t think about it very much. There is a lot we can do to keep the atmosphere clean and healthy.