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Our purpose is to educate the masses-to bring our message to the students of SLU and the community. We want to inform everyone on the problems affecting minorities on this Campus and Community, with the goal of improving the status of all people in the nation and world.


As a chapter we are in tune with the current political and social undercurrents of our time, particularily under the following catogories:
    Criminal Justice: Racial Profiling, Police Brutality

    Health: HIV/AIDS, Gun Violence

    Education: Affirmative Action, African-American Retention in Higher Education

    Voter Empowerment: Voter Registration and Turnout, Voter Education, Election Protection

    Economic Development:  Credit, Entrepreneurship, Financial Planning


Meetings are held in the Student Union Ballroom Room 229 every Tuesday at 4:45pm. Anyone can attend and participate.


Our membership dues are $15. $12 goes to national office, and $3 stays right here. For that price you get an ID card, plus the chance to buy a T-shirt. Membership also entitles you to take part in the chapter, and attend conferences in the State, Region,and National arena.


    President- Brandon Robertson, SGA senator.

    1st Vice President- Laquisha Thompson, History major, Teacher cert

    2nd Vice President- Jason Thomas
    Treasurer- Regina Gulliam

    Secretary- Jennifer Williams

    Faculty Advisor(s): Eric Summers, Muticultural Office Head, Lamont Jenkins, Co-advisor


    1. Membership- Recruits new members.

    2. Finance- Responsible for the budget.
    3. Press and Publicity- Publicizes events and programs through local media outlets. Responsible for the web page.
    4. Program and Research- Informs student body of facts concerning Blacks.

    5. Education- Plans educational programs.

    6. Housing- Works to improve the abysimal residential life situation.

    7. Labor and Industry- Works to limit discrimination, inform students of jobs and opportunities.

    8. Polical Action- Handles matters like election debates and voter registration.

    9. Health- Informs Blacks about health issues, covers sex educations.



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