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slu kdp

President's Scholarships 
for ten undergraduate students; $500 each. 

J. Jay Hostetler Scholarships 
for four student teachers; $500 each 
(2 awarded in the spring and 2 awarded in the fall). 

Vincent McGrath Scholarships 
for two undergraduate students in 
Elementary Education; $500-$1,000 each

Harold D. Drummond Scholarships 
for four undergraduate and graduate students 
in Elementary Education; $500-$1,000 each. 

MBNA Scholarship 
for an undergraduate or graduate student 
in Special Education; $1,000.

Jack Rosen Scholarship
for an Elementary Education major 
with a Science, Math, or Technology focus; $1,000.

Counselor's Scholarships
for five graduate students; $1,000 each.

Louisa Anne Oriente Scholarships
for four graduate students in 
Curriculum & Teaching; $500-$1,000 each. 

Marcella L. Kysilka Doctoral Student Scholarship
in Curriculum Studies or Educational Psychology; $2,000. 

The following are Laureate Doctoral Scholarships: 
All Laureate Doctoral Scholarship applications require a reference form.

Ralph W. Tyler Laureate Doctoral Scholarship 
in Ed Evaluation & Technology; $1,000. 

Henry H. Hill Laureate Doctoral Scholarship 
in Ed Administration; $1,500. 

Paul R. Hanna Laureate Doctoral Scholarship 
in Childhood Education; $2,000. 

Deborah R. Hanna Laureate Doctoral Scholarship
in Childhood Education; $2,000. 

O. L. Davis, Jr. Laureate Doctoral Scholarship 
in Curriculum and Instruction; $2,000.

Gerald H. Read Laureate Doctoral Scholarship 
in International and Comparative Ed; $2,500. 

Hollis L. Caswell Laureate Doctoral Scholarship
in Curriculum and Instruction; $4,000. 

**In addition, Kappa Delta Pi in conjunction with the Association of Teacher Educators awards the National Student Teacher/Intern of the Year Award.**

Information for the 20062007 scholarship year is available by contacting Margo Appleton at, or by calling Headquarters at