International Journal of Applied Economics

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International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 15, Number 2, September 2018


Bidisha Mandal

Differential Effects of Center and Non-Center Childcare on

Early Learning Outcomes


Brooke Conaway

The Age Rating Impact on Consumer Video Game Choices


Valerien O. Pede, Gustavo A. Barboza, Harold Glenn A. Valera, 

Justin D. McKinley,  Andrew M. McKenzie,  and Mohammad J. Alam

Nonlinearities in Rice Price Dynamics in the Philippines:

Evidence from a Smooth Transition Autoregressive (STAR) Approach


Marwan Alzoubi and Hamad Kasasbeh

Budget Deficit and Crowding-Out Effect: The Case of Jordan


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 15, Number 1, March 2018


Galin Todorov

Trend and Cycle Integration of World Output, pp. 1-23


Bonu Sengupta and Robert H. Jantzen

Does Broken Windows Policing Reduce Felony Crime? pp. 24-41


Ehsan Latif

Does Income Inequality Impact Individual Happiness? Evidence from Canada,

pp. 42-79


Joseph G. Eisenhauer

Pushing the Limits: Differential Calculus and Preference Measurement with Large Risks, pp. 80-98


Christopher Andresen, Qin Fan, and Beng Soo Ong

The Effects of Water Use on Economic Growth: Investigating California’s

Surface and Ground Water Use, pp. 99-111


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 14, Number 2, September 2017


Lula G. Mengesha, Xin Shen and Steven Lim

Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanisms of Dollarized versus Non-Dollarized Economies, pp. 1-18


Dengjun Zhang, Jinghua Xie, Ermanno Affuso

An Efficiency and Productivity Analysis of the Agricultural Sector in Alabama, pp. 19-36


Kalyan Chakraborty and Richard K. Harper

Dynamic Productivity Analysis of Insurance Firms - The Effect of Firm-Specific and Macroeconomic Characteristics, pp. 37-55


Zhuo Tao, Xihui Zhang, and Keith D. Malone

Talent Capital on Economic Growth: A Tale of a Chinese Megalopolis, pp. 56-70


Nattaya Prapaipanich

An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between

Organic Products and Individuals’ Subjective Well-being, pp. 71-87


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 14, Number 1, March 2017


Amarendra Sharma and Abigail Carr

Food Insecurity and Standardized Test Scores, pp. 1-12


Gerald P. W. Simons and Paul N. Isely

The Effect of Global Competition on Innovation in the Semiconductor Industry, pp. 13-18


Paulo Matos, Glaylson Sampaio and Lucas de Castro

How Important is Forward-Looking Behavior in Brazilian Sectorial Indices Risk Premium? pp. 19-36


Evrim Turgutlu

Testing the Nonlinear Relationship Between Market Concentration and Advertising:  Evidence from Turkish Banking Industry, pp. 37-44


Tingting Wu, Paul J. Thomassin, and Kakali Mukhopadhyay

Using H-O-V Theorem to Predict the Factor Intensities in Canadian

Agricultural Trade, pp. 45-65


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 13, Number 2, September 2016


K.C. Fung and Chelsea C. Lin

Outsourcing as an Evolutionary Game, pp. 1-18


Joseph G. Eisenhauer

Cardinal Sins: Utility Specification and the Measurement

of Risk Aversion, pp. 19-29


Mark Gius

The Effects of Occupational Licensing on Wages:

A State-Level Analysis, pp. 30-45


Srimoyee Bose, Tesfa G. Gebremedhin,and Usha Sambamoorthi

State-level Variations in Healthcare financing in the United State,

pp. 46-73


Julia Pannicke

Media Bias in Womens Magazines:

Do Advertisements Influence Editorial Contents?, pp. 74-93


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 13, Number 1, March 2016


Richard J. Cebula, Fiorentina Angjellari-Dajci, and Fabrizio Rossi

The Disenfranchisement/Enfranchisement Voter Participation Rate Hypothesis: Preliminary Analysis, pp. 1-14


Maria Gabriela Ladua and Marta Meleddub

Productivity, Wage and Inflation Relationship for a Sample of Developed Countries: New Evidence from Panel Cointegration Tests with Multiple Structural Breaks, pp. 15-31


Jon Nadenichek

A Cross-Country Test of Ricardian Equivalence and the Twin Deficits Hypothesis, pp. 32-42


Amr Sadek Hosny

What is the Central Bank of Egypts Implicit Inflation Target?

pp. 43-56



Environmental Quality and its Human Health Effects: A Causal Analysis for the EU-25, pp. 57-71


Lalitagauri Kulkarni

Health Inputs, Health Outcomes and Public Health Expenditure: Evidence from the BRICS Countries, PP. 72-84


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 12, Number 2, September 2015


Markus Hertrich

Does Credit Risk Impact Liquidity Risk? Evidence from

Credit Default Swap Markets, pp. 1-46


Christophe Boya and Julien Malizard

Extreme Political Views and Determinants of Popularity, pp. 47-70


Wen-jen Hsieh

Bank Lending and Monetary Policy Transmission in Greece and

Policy Implications, pp. 71-79


Ali Abcha

Imperfect Competition, Government Spending and

Estimated Markup, pp. 80-103


Li-Ju Chen and Yen-Ling Lin

Does Air Pollution Respond to Petroleum Price?, pp. 104-125


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 12, Number 1, March 2015


Richard J. Cebula

On the Nominal Interest Rate Yield Response to Net Government Borrowing in the U.S.: GLM Estimates, 1972-2012, pp. 1-14


Dina Shatnawi

The Online Professional Social Network: Further Understanding the

Relationship between Contacts and Labor Market Outcomes, pp. 15-50


Tsuyoshi Sasaki

Heckscher-Ohlin Model with Assignment Problem with

Skilled and Unskilled Labor, pp. 51-79


Rashmita Basu

Lasting Impacts of Childhood Health and Socioeconomic Circumstances on Adult Health Problems: Analysis of a Longitudinal Count Regression Model, pp. 80-97


Donatella Cavagnoli

Does Students Behaviour Reflect a Good Proxy for the Behaviour of the Population? Evidence from New Zealand, pp. 98-107


Panos Fousekis

Spatial Price Transmission in Major EU Pigmeat Markets:

An Empirical Investigation with a Non Parametric Approach,

pp. 108-122


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 11, Number 2, September 2014


Walter Enders and Yu Liu

Inflation Revisited: New Evidence from

Modified Unit Root Tests, pp. 1-9


Scott W. Hegerty

Output Volatility in Latin America: Evidence from

a Multivariate GARCH Model, pp. 10-18


Osman Kilic, Surya Chelikani, Thomas Coe

Financial Crisis and Contagion: The Effects of the 2008

Financial Crisis on the Turkish Financial Sector, pp. 19-37


Panagiotis Pegkas

The Link between Educational Levels and Economic Growth:

A Neoclassical Approach for the Case of Greece, pp. 38-54


Evrim Turgutlu

Current Account Balance Implications of Consumer Loans:

The Case of Turkey, pp. 55-64


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 11, Number 1, March 2014


Hai Fang, Qingyue Meng, and John A Rizzo

Do Different Health Insurance Plans in China Create Disparities

in Health Care Utilization and Expenditures? pp. 1-18


Donatella Cavagnoli

What determines Paid Parental Leave Provisions in

Collective Agreements in New Zealand?, pp. 19-38


Onur Burak Celik and Mark Gius

Estimating the Determinants of Summer Olympic Game Performance, pp. 39-47


Fatima S. Lekhe, Lamya B. Islam, Silvia Z. Islam, and

Aysha Akter

Giffen Behavior for Rice Consumption in Rural Bangladesh, pp. 48-59


Hong Chen and Baljeet Singh

Foreign Aid and Labor Productivity in Fiji: An Empirical Investigation within an Endogenous Production Framework, pp. 60-77


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 10, Number 2, September 2013


Anna Bottasso, Gabriele Cardullo, Maurizio Conti

Labor Market Deregulation and Wage Dispersion: Does Product

Market Competition Matter? The case of the EU Electricity Industry, pp. 1-9


Bernard Walley and Matthew Cushing

Development Aid and Foreign R&D Spillovers in

Sub-Saharan Africa, pp. 10-31


Li-Ju Chen

Do Female Politicians Influence Public Spending?

Evidence from Taiwan, pp. 32-51


Faqin Lin and Hsiao Chink Tang

Exporting and Innovation: Theory and Firm-Level

Evidence from the People’s Republic of China, pp. 52-76


Monir Uddin Ahmed, Moniruzzaman Muzib and Amit Roy

Price-Wage Spiral in Bangladesh: Evidence from

ARDL Bound Testing Approach, pp. 77-103


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 10, Number 1, March 2013


Hong Liu, Fang Hai and John A. Rizzo

HMOs and Patient Trust in Physicians: A Longitudinal Study, pp. 1-21


Richard Cebula

An Exploratory Panel Data Analysis of Impacts of Cigarette Excise Taxes and Statewide Bans on Cigarette Consumption, pp.22-28


Hong Zhuang and David Griffith

The Effect of Mergers & Acquisitions and Greenfield FDI

on Income Inequality, pp.29-38


Dayal Talukder and Love Chile

Determinants of Growth in Consumption of Rural Household in Bangladesh: A Regression Analysis, pp. 39-63


Andreas Sachs and Frauke Schleer

Labour Market Institutions and Structural Reforms:

A Source for Business Cycle Synchronization? PP. 64-83


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 9, Number 2, September 2012


George L. Wehby and Muzhe Yang

Depression, Antidepressant Use and Weight Gain, pp. 1-38


Jon Nadenichek

The S-Curve Revisited: The Terms, Volume and

Balance of Trade over the Business Cycle, pp. 39-57


Adam J. Grossberg and Paul Sicilian

Relative Pay and Benefits in the Nonprofit Sector, pp. 58-72


Chien-Chen Chen, Chiang-Ping Chen, and Ching-Yi Yeh

Technological and Economic Indicators on Software Piracy

in OECD Countries, pp. 73-82


Maganga M. Assa, Abdi-Khalil Edriss, and Greenwell C. Matchaya

Unexploited Profit among Smallholder Farmers in Central Malawi:

What are the Sources?, pp. 83-95


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 9, Number 1, March 2012


Steven B. Caudill and Franklin G. Mixon, Jr.

Human Capital Investment and the Internment of Japanese

Americans during WWII: A Public Choice Approach, pp. 1-14


Mehmet E. Yaya and Xiaoxia Lu

The Short-Run Relationship between Real Effective

Exchange Rate and Balance of Trade in China, pp. 15-27


Mark P. Gius

The Effect of the No Child Left Behind Act on Per-Student Public Education Expenditures at the State Level, pp. 28-40


Senarath Lalithananda Seelanatha

Drivers of Technical Efficiency of Sri Lankan Commercial Banks,

pp. 41-58


Huy, Vu Quang

Determinants of Educational Expenditure in Vietnam, pp. 59-72