April 2010                                                                                                            
Volume 2

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Louisiana 2010 Legislative Session

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The following, from the Louisiana 2010 Regular Legislative Session, are some bills that may affect employee benefits/positions, if passed. 

HB189 - RETIREMENT/STATE EMPS: Provides for early retirement of LASERS members with actuarial reduction of benefits; requires abolition of positions vacated by early retirement and permits reestablishment and filling of such positions under limited circumstances 

HB331 - RETIREMENT/TEACHERS: Relative to the Teachers' Retirement System of La., allows a member in the optional retirement plan to make a one-time, irrevocable election to transfer to the defined benefit plan 

HB392 - RETIREMENT/STATE-STWIDE: Relative to state and statewide retirement systems, prohibits certain members who are reemployed after retirement from receiving retirement benefits or accruing additional benefits 

HB519 - RETIREMENT/TEACHERS: Provides relative to the Teachers' Retirement System of La. and provides relative to rehired retirees 

HB 746 - RETIREMENT/STATE EMPS: Relative to the La. State Employees' Retirement System, provides relative to calculation of benefits for persons electing early retirement 

HB 783 - RETIREMENT/TEACHERS: Relative to the Teachers' Retirement System of La. (TRSL), provides with respect to unused annual and sick leave 

HB930 - RETIREMENT/STATE SYSTEMS: Relative to state retirement systems, establishes a defined contribution plan for new hires 

HB958 - RETIREMENT BENEFITS: Relative to La. public retirement systems, provides for limitations on average compensation upon which a retiree's benefits are calculated 

SB58 - RETIREMENT CREDIT: Allows members of the Louisiana State Employees' Retirement System to purchase service credit for purposes of retirement eligibility. (7/1/10) 

SB602 - RETIREMENT SYSTEMS: Relative to Louisiana State Employees' Retirement System, Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana, and Louisiana School Employees' Retirement System, places restrictions on participation in the Deferred Retirement Option Plan. (7/1/10) (no member with less than 10 years service can enter DROP) 

SB632 - RETIREMENT BENEFITS: Provides a regular schedule for permanent benefit increases for retirees of the state retirement systems. (06/30/10) (Adds 2% to EE contribution and allows for COLA at age 60  

SCR6 - CONGRESS: Memorializes Congress to eliminate or reduce the Social Security reductions known as the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision. 

HB244 - INSURANCE/HEALTH-ACCID: Provides relative to health insurance coverage for unmarried dependent children 

HB272 - INSURANCE/GROUP-STATE: Provides for certain health insurance options related to the insured's lifestyle with respect to tobacco use and weight 

SB668 - HEALTH/ACC INSURANCE: Provides for increasing the termination age for children under health and accident policies to age 26. (8/15/10) 

HB752 - CIVIL SERVICE: (Constitutional Amendment) Grants the legislature sole authority to provide for pay increases for persons in state service 

HB753 - CIVIL SERVICE/STATE: (Constitutional Amendment) Abolishes the State Civil Service Commission and the Department of State Civil Service effective January 9, 2012 

HB754 - CIVIL SERVICE: (Constitutional Amendment) Prohibits pay increases to persons in state service when there is a budget deficit 

HB755 - CIVIL SERVICE: (Constitutional Amendment) Requires the legislature to determine prior to each fiscal year if a pay increase may be granted to persons in state service and if so, the manner and amount of the increase 


B E N E F I T S 

LASERS Required Documents and Payment of Retirement Benefits

When a member retires, benefits are not paid until all required documents have been received by LASERS. Once all these documents are received and processed, a retiree can expect their first retirement check within 30-45 days. 

A member can assist LASERS in promptly paying their monthly benefit upon retirement by having all necessary documents on file at the time of their retirement. These documents can be submitted at any time during a member's career to LASERS directly or through the Human Resources office at their agency. LASERS will require the following documents, depending on the type of retirement: 

·         Member birth certificate

·         Member Social Security card

·         Beneficiary birth certificate

·         Beneficiary Social Security card

·         Marriage certificate

·         Death certificate of former spouse

·         Certified judgments of divorce (former spouse)

·         Form 4-04, Spousal Consent Form (Submit with application)

·         Form 4-05, Authorization for Direct Deposit (Submit with application)

·         Form 2-01A, Authorization for Direct Rollover (Submit with application) 

OGB Delays Start of Annual Enrollment Meetings Until at Least April 15, 2010

Below is the information Human Resources has received regarding Annual Enrollment for health insurance.  As more information is received employees will be notified as soon as possible.  Please continue to monitor Faculty Staff Notices and campus mail boxes for information.  Our Benefits Fair scheduled for April 15th will continue as planned. 

Statewide Annual Enrollment meetings for 2010-11 have been delayed until at least April 15, announced Tommy D. Teague, chief executive officer of the Office of Group Benefits. The meetings were set to begin April 5.

The delay is necessary to allow time for the administrative resolution of protests filed regarding OGB’s proposed award of a contract for administration of the HMO health plan for the 2010-11 plan year and OGB’s decision to merge the HMO and EPO plans for the 2010-11 plan year, which begins July 1.

Under state law, the protesting parties have an opportunity to appeal to Commissioner of Administration, Angčle Davis to review OGB’s decisions on the contracts, and the commissioner must render a decision before OGB can proceed with implementation of the proposed HMO plan contract—including conducting Annual Enrollment meetings and disseminating information by mail.

 Optional Retirement Plans (ORP) Contribution Rates Effective July 1, 2010

For those employees participating in the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP): Effective July 1, 2010, the employer contribution rate will increase to 20.2 percent. This is the percentage of salary that Southeastern pays to the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRSL) for each employee enrolled in TRSL or one of the ORP plans.  Of this amount, 5.7029 percent is the normal-cost portion of the employer contribution.  The normal-cost portion, along with an employee contribution of 7.9 percent of monthly salary, will be transferred to the annuity carrier designated by the ORP participant. TRSL retains 0.1 percent of the monthly salary to defray the cost of administering the ORP. 

Please note that the normal-cost portion of the employer contribution rate to ORP participant accounts will decrease slightly from the current fiscal year rate of 5.7566%. Effective July 1, 2010 it will be 5.7029%. 


Southeastern Human Resources Office will host The Spring 2010 Benefits Fair on April 15th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the University Center. All employees are encouraged to attend the Benefits Fair to learn about current benefit plans.  Refreshments will be served and vendors will be available to answer benefits questions and to give individual consultations.  The following vendors have confirmed their reservation to the benefits fair: AFLAC, AFSCME, Capital One Bank, Catalyst RX, Colonial, Crescent Dental, Deferred Compensation, First Guaranty Bank, ING, Lincoln, Select Dental, START, TIAA Cref, TRSL and VALIC. 

 For additional information, questions or comments regarding this article please contact the Benefits Office at 5451, 2057 or 5655. 


T R A I N I N G  


New Employee Orientation

The next orientation for new classified and unclassified employees will be held on Thursday, April 15th in Room 139 of the University Center.  Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and the program will run from 8:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. Attendance is mandatory for classified employees and unclassified employees are expected to attend.  To register for the program, please contact Jan Ortego at Jan.Ortego@selu.edu or at phone extension 5771.   Orientations remaining for 2010 are scheduled for May 12, June 16, July 13, September 15, October 12 and December 9. 

Training Database

In an effort to maintain accurate employee professional development and training records, faculty and staff are asked to inform the Training Section of any conference, seminar or other training attended.  A training questionnaire can be found on the Human Resources website at: 


Once the form is completed, it may be emailed to Jan Ortego at Jan.Ortego@selu.edu or faxed to the Human Resources Office at 549-2308.  Additionally, if the training resulted in a license or certification, a copy of that document should be faxed to 549-2308 or sent via campus mail to SLU 10799.  If there are any questions, please email Jan Ortego or call at extension 5771. 

Check out CPTP Programs Available on Campus through June

The Comprehensive Public Training Program (CPTP), a section of the Louisiana Division of Administration located in Baton Rouge, is offering a number of free professional development programs on campus. The Human Resources office is pleased to sponsor these programs in an effort to make them more accessible to Southeastern employees.  Courses are offered for both supervisory and non-supervisory employees.   

Topics offered through June 23rd include: Addressing Emotions at Work, Building Better Performance through Employee Skill Development, Dealing with Change, Documenting for Performance & Discipline, Effective Conflict Resolution, Managing Across Generations, Managing Work Time, PPR for Supervisors and Professionalism & Productivity for Non-Supervisors. A link to detailed descriptions of the programs follows: 


Advance registration is required for these programs and space is limited.   For more information, please contact Jan Ortego at Jan.Ortego@selu.edu or at extension 5771.   

Mind Leaders On-Line Training Programs

The State Division of Administration, through its CPTP program, offers a state of the art, e-learning program for state employees called “Mind Leaders”.  This is a  computer-based source of interactive courses available over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   The three categories of courses offered online are Computer Skills Courses, Professional Development Courses and Business Skills Videos.

In order to access these classes, employees will need an enrollment key that they can obtain by contacting Jan Ortego via email at Jan.Ortego@selu.edu . Graduate assistants and student workers are not eligible to use these courses.  


Employee Self Service

Step by Step instructions on using the Employee Self-Service module in PeopleSoft 9 are available to help faculty and staff members navigate to view their personal information.  Please access the link below for detailed assistance: