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 Fall Semester
College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Communication & Media Studies
BA Communication  246260216223
MA Organizational Communication  2131N/AN/A
MA Strategic Communication    6167
Department Total 267291277290
BA English 97124104107105
BA English Education 7565645549
MA English 2430222526
Department Total196219190187180
General Studies
BGS General Studies 556565533516504
Department Total556565533516504
History & Political Science
BA History 12711812911783
BA Political Science 9394888169
BA Social Studies Education 10192827969
MA History 3132271821
Department Total352336326295242
Languages & Communication
BA Communication 266    
BA Spanish 27    
MA Organizational Communication 18    
Department Total311    
Music & Performing Arts
BM Music 14312611498100
MMU Music 1415151620
Department Total157141129114120
BA Psychology 507537583580556
MA Psychology 3125343329
Department Total538562617613585
Sociology & Criminal Justice
BA Criminal Justice 424421439396362
BA Sociology 6663583941
MS Applied Sociology 2724232530
Department Total517508520460433
Visual Art + Design
BA Art 353348358363338
BA Theatre N/AN/AN/AN/A16
Department Total353348358363354
World Languages & Cultures
BA Spanish  171N/AN/A
BA World Languages  15262919
Department Total 32272919
College Total2,8042,8212,8452,7202,609
College of Business
Accounting & Finance
BS Accounting 408405414380323
BS Finance 161175154162147
Department Total569580568542470
Management & Business Administration
BBA Business Administration 508535605627636
BA Management 451456440382332
PBC Business Administration 00001
Department Total9599911,0451,009969
Marketing & Supply Chain Management
BA Marketing 315353373332344
BS Supply Chain Management 4161716466
Department Total356414444396410
Total 107931008495
College Total1,9912,0782,1572,0311,944
Center for Student Excellence
Special Program for Adults     19
Undecided 2,5362,3582,5232,5043,005
College Total2,5362,3582,5232,5043,024
College of Education
Educational Leadership & Technology
M.Ed. Educational Leadership 106106815237
Ed.D. Educational Leadership 82859810289
Department Total188191179154126
Teaching & Learning
BS Early Childhood Education 267260277250237
BS Elementary Education 254232221190169
BS Elementary Education & Special Education 5860594034
BS Middle School Education 9297896256
BS Middle School Education & Special Education 1415111310
M. Ed. Curriculum & Instruction 1111202528
M. Ed. Special Education 2727253135
MAT Elementary Education 1081N/A
MAT Multiple Levels    1826
MAT Special Education: Early Interventionist (Birth-5) 88101N/A
Department Total732710720631595
Add-on Certification 6147455465
Alternate Certification 3330171814
Lions Connected 1316191616
Masters Plus 30 00221
Other Total10793839096
College Total1,2631,2081,1861,051978
College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Health & Human Sciences
BS Communication Science Disorders 163172173176156
BS Family and Consumer Sciences 205203223N/AN/A
BS Health Management Systems 135140159141118
BS Human Sciences N/AN/AN/A165137
BA Social Work 213227257209164
MS Child Life  4142425
MS Counseling 829697108104
MS Communication Science Disorders 6763555162
MS Population Health Management N/AN/AN/A77
Department Total865905978881773
Kinesiology & Health Studies
BS Athletic Training 133130913010
BS Heath Education & Promotion 39361662
BS Health & Physical Education 6057584243
BS Health Sciences N/AN/A126241303
BS Kinesiology 608664626523542
BS Sports Management 142126142127125
MS Athletic Training N/AN/AN/AN/A2
MS Health & Kinesiology 4844342727
Department Total1,0301,0571,0939961,054
School of Nursing
BSN Nursing 1,4791,5071,4701,2291,121
Master's Nursing (MSN) 9996104102132
Doctorate Nursing Practice (DNP) 2837343324
PMC Family Nurse Practitioner 02000
PMC Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner 1316171911
Department Total1,6191,6581,6251,3831,288
College Total3,4543,5633,6383,2183,072
College of Science & Technology
Biological Sciences
BS Biology 855820776738664
MS Biology 2126222423
Department Total876846798762687
Chemistry & Physics
BS Chemistry 921131068483
BS Physics 4548395030
Department Total137161145134113
Computer Science
BS Computer Science 260277271259274
BS Information Technology 155140124119167
Department Total415417395378441
Industrial & Engineering Technology
AAS Industrial Technology 9071494839
BS Engineering Technology 294273292276279
BS Industrial Technology 203201170134130
BS Occupational Health, Safety & Environment 14513813111179
Department Total732683642569527
BS Mathematics 5662745657
Department Total5662745657
MS Integrated Sciences & Technology 1914192427
College Total2,2352,1832,0731,9231,852
Special Program for Adults 35372225 
Extended Studies 912171313
University Total14,32714,26014,46113,48513,492

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Source: IR Extract Files
October 10, 2022

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