Lab 5: Measuring Potential Difference and Current

The goal of this lab is to 1) learn how to set up a circuit. 2) Learn how to measure the current and the potential difference using a multimeter 3) investigate the relationship between V, I and R. You will:

For this circuit you will:

After you make these measurements, you should compare your measurements to what the calculated values should be.


How do you set up the circuits?


This can be tricky - for in the text, they show a series circuit that looks like this:

But how do you transform this into a real circuit? You will have three resistors mounted on a board, so as an example you would set this up to look something like this:

Note: the order does not matter, but the three resistors are "in a line" - this is the definition of "series" connection. Also, note that this is not the only possible path for the wires, there are many "equivalent" set ups.

Measuring the potential difference ( V )

To measure the potential difference, you need to do the following:

Measuring the current through a resistor: