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Dr. Fotie’s research group is primarily interested in different aspects of silicon chemistry. Although silicon is the most similar element to carbon, it possesses some striking characteristic differences from its carbon counterpart. Typically, silicon is about 65% larger that carbon, with a Si-C bond about 20% longer that C-C bond. More importantly, silicon is more lipophilic and less electronegative than carbon. Furthermore, silicon-based materials find applications in a large number of areas including polymers (adhesives, coatants, sealants, gels, foams, aerosols, encapsulants and preservatives), semi-conductors, agrochemical and biomedical agents. Our research group is interested in using metal-nano-dispersed in organically modified silicates as catalysts for the preparation of silane derivatives and in Si-H insertion coupling reactions.

Furthermore, the number of potential steric and substitution patterns possible on organosilanes provides the opportunities to design and control the stability, solubility, and pharmacokinetic properties of the resulting molecules. As such, our research group is also very interested in the medicinal chemistry of organosilicon molecules, with a particular attention given to novel silicon-containing peptides from silicon-based amino acids obtained through a “silicon switch” approach.