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LIST OF PUBLICATIONS (Names of undergraduate students undelined) 

Book Chapters

5. Fotie, J. Marine natural products as strategic prototypes in the development of a new generation of antimalarial agents, in Discovery and Development of Therapeutics from Natural Products Against Negleted Diseases. Ed. Goutam Brahmachari, Elsevier., 2019, (ahead of print).

4. Fotie, J. The potential of peptides and depsipeptides from terrestrial and marine organisms in the fight against humain protozoan diseases, in Bioctive Natural Products: Chemistry and Biology. Ed. Goutam Brahmachari, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA. Weinheim, Germany. 2015, Chap. 10, pp 279-319.

3. Fotie, J. Key natural products in malaria chemotherapy: from quinine to artemisinin and beyond, in Bioactive Natural Products: Opportunities and Challenges in Medicinal Chemistry. Ed. G. Brahmachari, World Scientific Publishing, Singapore. 2011, pp 223-271.

2. Fotie, J. Natural products and protozoan neglected diseases: malaria, trypanosomiasis and leishmaniasis, in Natural Products: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacology. Ed. G. Brahmachari. Co-published by Narosa Publishing House PVT. LTD., New Delhi, INDIA (, and Alphascience International, Oxford, UK ( 2008. pp 137-193.

1. Fotie, J. Alkaloids: recent developments in pharmacological, biological and medicinal aspects, in Chemistry of Natural Products: Recent Trends & Developments. Ed. G. Brahmachari, Research Signpost, Trivandrum - 695 023, Kerala, India. 2006. pp 161-263.

List of Publications (Names of undergraduate students underlined)

33. Duke, B. J., Akeroyd, E. N., Bhatt, S. V., Onyeagusi, C. I., Bhatt, S. V., Adolph, B. R., Fotie, J. Nano-dispersed platinum(0) in organically modified silicate matrices as sustainable catalysts for a regioselective hydrosilylation of alkenes and alkynes. New Journal of Chemistry 2018, 42, 11782 - 11795.

32. Mobley, B. W., Ayer, S. K., Adkins, T. E., Boone, S. R., Fotie, J. Reactivity of N-alkylmaleimide and succinic anhydride derivatives of anthracene and their implications on the sizing mechanism of Alkyl Succinic Ahydride (ASA) paper sizing agents. Cellulose Chemistry and Technology 2018, 52, 299-310.

31. Gompe, B. E. G., Ouahouo, W. B. M.,  Sielinou, V. T., Tsaffack, M., Fotie, J., Assob, N. J. C., Ishikawa, H., Mkounga, P., Nkengfack, A. E. Two new indolic and quinolinic alkaloids and other secondary metabolites from Mostuea thomsonii (Loganiaceae). Phytochemistry Letters 2018, 26, 154 - 158.

30. Fotie, J. Inosine 5’-monophosphate dehydrogenase (IMPDH) as a potential target for the development of a new generation of antiprotozoan agents. Minireviews in Medicinal Chemistry 2018, 18, 656-671.

29. Fotie, J., Aldolph, B. R., Bhatt, S. V., Grimm, C. C. Palladium(II) acetate catalyzed acylative cleavage of cyclic and acyclic ethers under neat conditions. Tetrahedron Letters 2017, 58, 4648–4651.

28. Gompe, E. G., Ouahouo, W. B. M., Mkounga, P., Tabouguia M., Assob N. J., Fotie, J., Nkengfack, A. E. Mostueatecine A and B: two indole alkaloids and mostueatecine C, one triterpene from Mostuea batesii. Journal of Diseases and Medicinal Plants 2016, 2, 60-66.

27. Berkessa, S. C., Fotie, J., Clarke, Z. J. F., Bohle, D. S., Grimm, C. C. Silver(I)-mediated regioselective oxidative cross-coupling of phenols and aniline derivatives resulting in 2'-aminobiphenyl-2-ols. Tetrahedron Letters 2016, 57, 1613–1618.

26. Ayer, S.K., Kimball, E.A., Olvera, A., Djieutedjeu, H., Fotie, J., Poudeu, F.P.P. 1H and 13C NMR assignments for a series of Diels–Alder adducts of anthracene and 9-substituted anthracenes. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 2015, 53, 551–555.

25. Fotie, J., Olvera, A., Ayer, S.K.,  Djieutedjeu, H., Poudeu, F.P. Synthesis and crystal structures of methyl 3,4,5-frimethoxybenzoate and 1,2-dihydro-2,2,4-trimethylquinoline derivatives. Journal of Chemical Crystallography 2015, 45, 1-8.

24. Fotie, J. Are isolation and quarantine really the best we can offer after forty years of ebola outbreaks? Annals of Medicinal Chemistry and Research 2014, 1(1): 1001. Editorial page.  

23. Fotie, J., Ayer, S.K., Poudel, B.S., Reid, C.S. Iodine-catalyzed cycloalkenylation of dihydroquinolines and arylamines through a reaction with cyclic ketones under neat conditions. Tetrahedron Letters 2013, 54, 7069–7073.

22. Fotie,  J., Rhodus, J.L., Taha,  H.A., Reid C.S. C–N coupling of 1,2-dihydro-2,2,4-trimethylquinoline derivatives via a silver(I)-catalyzed direct functionalization of a C–H bond. Heteroatom Chemistry 2012. 23(6), 598-604.

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19. Fotie, J., Kemami Wangun, H.V., Dreux, K., Sommerfeld, T.,  Pittman, J. Complete 1H- and 13C-NMR assignments of an unusual open chain quinolinyl peroxol and its alcohol counterpart obtained through a modified Skraup – Doebner – Von Miller quinoline synthesis. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 2012, 50, 68-73.

18. Reid, C.S., Patrick, D.A., He, S., Fotie, J., Premalatha, K., Tidwell, R.R., Wang, M.Z., Liu, Q., Gershkovich, P., Wasan, K.M., Wenzler, T., Brun, R., Werbovetz, K.A. Synthesis and antitrypanosomal evaluation of derivatives of N-benzyl-1,2-dihydroquinolin-6-ols: effect of core substitutions and salt formation. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 201119, 513-523. 

17. Fotie, J. The potential of ellagic acid as a possible antimalarial drug candidate. Current Bioactive Compounds 2010, 6, 161 – 177.

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