Student's name:_________________________    Grading rubric for English 101 essay
  1. The essay follows the directions stated in the prompt.
  2. All related assignments have been completed and are attached to the final draft..
  3. Work has been turned in on time.
  4. Final draft is formatted according to MLA guidelines.
  5. Essay fulfills length requirements and it is logically organized.
  6. The topic was sufficiently narrowed down.
  7. The essay focuses on a clearly identifiable thesis.
  8. The essay addresses a specific purpose (inform, entertain, persuade)
  9. The essay's title suggests its topic without being obvious.
  10. The introductory paragraph clearly gives a sense of purpose and direction to the essay's content.
  11. The closing paragraph sums up the main topic without being repetitios or introducing new ideas.
  12. Paragraphs are coherent, developed, and logically connected.
  13. Ideas are connected smoothly and address clearly each main point without being repetitious.
  14. Generalizations are supported with details and examples.
  15. Sentences are well formed without awkward or faulty structures.
  16. Sentences show variety of pattern .
  17. Words are appropriate and well chosen.
  18. The essay contains no or few major errors such as sentence fragments, comma splices, run-ons, awkward structures, and agreement.
  19. The essay contains no or few punctuation errors.
  20. The essay contains no or few spelling and diction errors.