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Nursing 600 On-line was the first graduate nursing course with the Intercollegiate Consortium For a Master in Science in Nursing to be offered over the Internet. The majority of classes are web-based and five classes are delivered by compressed video to each of the Consortium campuses. Graduate nursing students may access the course from home, work, or on campus. For Internet/compressed video class schedule, see Course Schedule.

Distance Learning is a method of course delivery where the student and instructor are able to engage in the teaching/learning process though separated by distance. This delivery is currently accomplished by the use of videoconferencing and/or the Internet. Videoconferencing utilizes satellite capabilities or employs telephone lines to send compressed video and audio signals for real-time classes. The Internet allows instruction and interaction to occur during class time or outside of class time with the use of Web-based classes. Additionally, students and faculty can communicate through e-mail, chat rooms, and Listserv.

The course subscribes to an active learning, student centered environment which strives to provide graduate level students with an interactive instructional experience through distance education. Using a variety of technology applications, the course is designed to make exploring theoretical formulations easy and fun. Students from several geopgraphical areas will add their unique perspectives to the class. The instructor will be a facilitator with less emphasis on the traditional role of lecturer.

Participation and assignment protocols

For the classes conducted online, there will posted lectures introducing the content and reading assignments (also see class schedule). Group activities and/or participation exercises will also be provided. Students will respond to the activities online at their convenience. A summary of student responses will then be entered online by the instructor.

The student will need to periodically check the course's listserv each week for course directions from the instructor or other students.  For example prior to student presentations, the presenter will make a reading assignment, which must be completed in order to participate in the presentation.

Written course assignments are to be submitted by email. For submitting to the instructor's email address, send as an attachment using WordPerfect or Microsoft Word.

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