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Electronic mail is necessary for communication with the instructor and peers enrolled in Nursing 600. Three email addresses   will be used in the course: the instructor's email address ( the class listserv email address (, and the address of each student. The instructor's email address can be used for submitting assignments  and activities and for private correspondence. The course email/listserv is to be used when a student wants to mail the entire class. An example of using the listserv would be the posting of an assignment by a student prior to the student's presentation.  Most students have an assigned email account at Southeastern provided during registration. Check with the instructor to determine the account number. If you have an internet service provider account number, you may use it. Please make the instructor aware of your choice and address.


A listserv is a grouping of email addresses that are connected, such as with a class roster. One student's email can be sent to the entire class.  This is a very important aspect of this class, as students will be able to participate much like being in class. Questions will be posed and answered by students and the instructor on a regular basis. This is different from the ichat feature of the class where students and instructor communicate simultaneously. Click on ichat for more information.  Rules of courtesy are the same for email, listserv and ichat. Be careful  in your choice of words. Try to be clear. Remember to converse as if you are face-to-face and be considerate of others. The listserv email address is


ICHAT will provide all class members the opportunity to log on and communicate simultaneously. We will engage in a couple of short sessions during the semester and will debate the use of theorists in selected situations.

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