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Personal Skills
Well organized.
Self Motivated.
Independent Learner.
Able to adapt to new learning technologies.
Want to work on your own time.

Computer Skills
File Utility Skills Save files to hardisk or floppy
Copying, moving and deleting files
Calling up programs
Interenet Skills Use Internet Service Provide and aWeb Browser
Conduct Internet searches
Install programs and download files
Email Skills Send emails
Retreive emails
Send and retreive email attachments
Software Skills Proficiency in Word Processing 
Experience with listservs and online chat rooms

Computer Equipment*:

Hardware: Pentium Based Processor
(Minimum) Multimedia components (cd rom, speakers, sound card, set your monitor for 800x600 display)
16 mb ram or higher
28.8 modem or higher
Software: An Internet Service Provider
Office 97 or Corel 8
Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer (version 5.0 or higher)
Email software in browser or other with ability to send/receive attachments or access to SLU's WEBMAIL facility
Latest Virus Scanning Software - (check with vendor for frequent updates)
 *Available at all SLU computer labs.  Click here for available locations and times.

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