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Cro PicDr. Brian I. Crother's main interests are in herpetology and phylogeny reconstruction.

Mary PicDr. Mary E. White specializes in molecular and developmental biology.

Drs. Crother and White combine their areas of expertise to guide projects with a number of graduate and undergraduate students.

Current Graduate Students:

Joe Ramspott


Former Graduate Students:

David Gardner

Eric O'Neill

Travis W. Taggart

Mitochondrial vs. nuclear DNA in elucidating evolutionary history

Brian Warren

Archosaurs and the Tetrapod Phylogeny Problem: New Data on the 28S r DNA Region of Alligator mississippiensis and Hylocichla mustelina
Dorothy Scholl-Meeker
Maria Kelly-Smith

Squamate Relationshops using Nuclear Ribosomal DNA

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