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The institution has adequate procedures for addressing written student complaints and is responsible for demonstrating that it follows those procedures when resolving student complaints.



Southeastern is in compliance with Federal Requirement 4.5.



As explicated in Comprehensive Standard 3.9.1, students at Southeastern Louisiana University have numerous rights which correspond with certain responsibilities and conduct. The specific procedures used to implement policies which deal with student complaints or the appeal of a decision depend on whether the complaint/appeal concerns academic matters or matters of student conduct in non-academic areas.

Complaints of an academic nature are typically handled in the form of an appeal. Appeals are considered for academic matters such as admissions, change of grade, and academic suspension. Theses appeal processes are clearly outlined in the Admission Criteria and Academic Regulations section of the General Catalogue.

Most non-academic policies that guide student conduct explicitly outline the procedure for filing a complaint or grievance. For example, the Racial/Sexual Harassment Policy in the Student Handbook explains the complaint procedure in detail:

Any University employee, student, or other member of the University community who believes he or she has been a victim of harassment while working at the University or in class or in any other setting (whether by subordinates, peers, superiors, or other persons), should bring this matter to the immediate attention of any of the following: his or her supervisor, Human Resource Director, Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Officer, Director of Student Health Center, Assistant Dean of Students, Department Head; call Information (985) 549-2000 for specific phone numbers. Any official receiving a complaint should notify the EEO Coordinator to make certain that follow-up action is coordinated. The EEO Coordinator will serve as a clearinghouse for all related actions. If satisfaction is not adequate at initial levels, any affected individual should feel free to bring the matter to the attention of the Vice Presidents, the Provost, or the President. Confidential assistance is also available through the University Counseling Center.

Action will be taken to examine impartially and resolve promptly any complaint. Complaints that cannot be resolved by informal means, through help of officials and services listed above, may be resolved through the University's formal student, staff or faculty grievance procedures.

In all cases involving complaints against the University, students may institute complaints informally or formally to the personnel involved in the procedure or action that yielded the complaint. Instructional matters are typically handled first by the instructor of record, and then progressively by the department head, the dean of the college, and the Dean of Enrollment Management if needed. On rare occasions, complaints that are not resolved may be addressed at the Provost's level. Non-instructional complaints would first be fielded to the personnel involved in the procedure or action that yielded the complaint, then to the director of the unit, and finally to the vice president of the division if needed.

As required, complaints against a student are typically handled through the Judicial Affairs office. The student's rights, proscribed conduct, disciplinary procedures, and rights to appeal are described in detail in the Student Code of Conduct.

Document Location
General Catalogue 2003-2004, Admission Criteria and Academic Regulations
Student Handbook 2003, Sexual/Racial Harassment Policies, Grievance Procedures
Office of Judicial Affairs
Student Handbook 2003, Student Code of Conduct


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