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The institution demonstrates that program length is appropriate for each of the degrees offered.



Southeastern is in compliance with Federal Requirement 4.4.



At Southeastern Louisiana University, program length is scrutinized both internally and externally. The internal review processes for new curricula and for changes in existing curricula ensure that the length of each program is appropriate to the discipline, meets national accreditation standards if they apply to as appropriate and is commensurate with other programs offered at the University (see Comprehensive Standard 3.4.1 and 3.4.12 for detailed descriptions of the curriculum review process).

Externally, the Louisiana Board of Regents also carefully evaluates program length during the evaluation of a new program. In the program proposal format that is submitted to the Board, applicants must outline the curriculum for the proposed program, in sequence or term-by-term. The proposal review process requires that institutions provide comparisons of their proposed program's content to similar degrees offered at other institutions. In addition, program proposals are evaluated by external reviewers chosen by the Board, and program content and length is an evaluated factor.

Ongoing checks on program length and content are provided through national accreditations and academic program review. As indicated in Comprehensive Standard 3.3.1, national accreditations are required for the majority of Southeastern's programs. Those that do not have an external accrediting agency are evaluated through the University's schedule of academic program review.

All of Southeastern's programs meet the standards for program length indicated in Core Requirement 2.7.
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Louisiana Board of Regents Policies and Procedures Memoranda , Guidelines: Proposal of a New Academic Program

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