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The institution provides services supporting its mission with qualified personnel to ensure the quality and effectiveness of its student affairs programs.



Southeastern is in compliance with Student Affairs and Services Comprehensive Standard 3.9.3.



Southeastern Louisiana University provides programs, activities, and services that support the University's overall mission through the various departments in the Division of Student Affairs. The staff in the Division of Student Affairs has appropriate education, experience, and talents, qualifying them to provide effective services that meet the needs and goals of Southeastern's students.

Division of Student Affairs Mission and Services
The Division of Student Affairs is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating student affairs programs. Under the leadership of the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Division is an integral part of Southeastern Louisiana University's overall educational mission, providing many of the institution's academic support services. The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is “to enhance the growth of Southeastern students and to foster pride in the institution through the provision of superior campus services, meaningful opportunities for student development, and maintenance of a safe campus.” In support of this mission and that of the institution, the Division of Student Affairs provides services and programs organized in four major units: Auxiliary Services, Student Development, Student Life, and University Police. These four units oversee the following areas:
  • Campus Activities Board (CAB)
  • Campus Dining Services
  • Office of Career Services
  • Office of Disability Services
  • Office of Judicial Affairs
  • Office of Leadership Development/Student Activities
  • Office of Multicultural/International Student Affairs
  • Office of Recreational Sports and Wellness
  • Office of Student Organizations/Greek Life
  • Office of Student Publications
  • Post Office
  • Project Safe Campus (PSC)
  • Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Student Housing and Residential Services
  • Textbook Rental
  • The Document Source
  • University Bookstore
  • University Counseling Center (UCC)
  • War Memorial Student Union

See Core Requirement 2.10 of this report for more detailed information on the services and programs provided by the various areas that compose the Division of Student Affairs. Additional information on the Division of Student Affairs can also be accessed through Southeastern's Student Handbook 2003, pages 59-72 and the General Catalogue 2003-2004, pages 103-111.

Division of Student Affairs Personnel
Southeastern demonstrates its commitment to its student affairs programs, services, and activities by securing highly qualified personnel to oversee these various functions. Through effective administration and direct contact with students on a daily basis, Division of Student Affairs personnel encourage and educate students outside the classroom and complement their academic growth with programs, services, and activities that promote physical, mental, emotional, social, occupational, and spiritual development.

All Division of Student Affairs unit heads and staff have the appropriate educational background, experience level, and skills to effectively administer their respective units. These credential requirements meet those specified by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education, as outlined in The Book of Professional Standards for Higher Education 2003 . Southeastern's Student Affairs Personnel, January 2004 provides the name, department, title, degree earned (with associated institution and year of degree), years in current position, and years of experience in higher education of all Division of Student Affairs professional staff. It shows that all but two employees of the Division hold master's degrees or higher; another three employees (those of business partners for our University Bookstore, Campus Dining, and Document Source) do not hold master's degrees; and total higher education professional experience within the Division is 454 years.

Complementing this professional staff are a number of classified personnel who enhance the various operations of the Division. As outlined in the employment procedures published by the Office of Human Resources, Southeastern's recruitment and employment process helps ensure that all prospective employees, both classified and professional staff, have the appropriate educational background and experience to meet the requirements of the position.

While there are no specific national standards on the number of professional staff employed to support various units within the Division, Southeastern does subscribe to the guidelines established by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (The Book of Professional Standards For Higher Education 2003), and number of staff in the Division of Student Affairs is adequate to provide quality services that meet the needs of Southeastern students.

Division of Student Affairs staff members are encouraged to stay current in their respective fields and maintain accreditation by upgrading knowledge in specific job areas, improving programs, and networking with other professionals. Travel monies that are state-allocated, student fee-funded, and auxiliary in nature are provided to ensure that staff members regularly attend professional meetings, seminars, conferences, and other staff development opportunities at the national, regional, and state level. The Division's travel budget for 2003-2004 totals $143,189; a portion of these funds is also used to subsidize student travel to professional conferences, workshops, and tournaments, thus expanding student educational experiences and opportunities. In the calendar year 2002-2003, Division of Student Affairs personnel attended 104 professional development conferences, meetings, and/or training sessions.  At the national level, Division personnel attended conferences/meetings of NIRSA (National Intramural & Recreational Sports Association), ACE (American Council on Education), NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), ASJA (Association for Student Judicial Affairs), NACAS (National Association of College Auxiliary Services), NCCP (National Conference on Community Policing) and ACA (American Counseling Association), among others. 

Annual evaluation of personnel is another important tool the Division of Student Affairs uses to ensure the quality and effectiveness of its staff as well as its programs and services. As part of this evaluation, goals and objectives are developed and staff members submit a written narrative that compares accomplishments of the current year with those of the previous year, highlights achievements, lists service activities (committees advised/served/lead, professional development, papers/presentations, and community involvement), and addresses areas for improvement. This annual review helps Division personnel to critically analyze their programs, services, and activities and plan with senior Division input.

Quality and Effectiveness of the
Division of Student Affairs Services and Programs

Complementing personnel evaluations are regular assessment activities that also ensure quality and effectiveness of the Division of Student Affairs services and programs. As outlined in Southeastern's Guidelines for the Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness (pages 13-16), all University support units, including those in the Division of Student Affairs, evaluate the effectiveness of the unit and provide a Compliance Memo indicating the unit's status (pages 4-5). Sample Activity/Program Assessments, Division of Student Affairs - January 2004 list the types of assessments devised/utilized by various areas within the Division of Student Affairs. (These assessment activities are in addition to information garnered through university-wide initiatives such as the Survey of Current Students and ACT Student Opinion Survey.) Some of the changes these assessments have generated include the following:
  • The Office of Leadership Development/Student Activities introduced an interview process that involves current ExCEL scholarship recipients, in addition to a review of application material, when choosing candidates for ExCEL awards. This change was initiated as a result of a survey administered to ExCEL students at the end of each semester.
  • The Office of Disability Services changed the way it distributes information to faculty after comments garnered from a faculty awareness questionnaire showed a lack of knowledge about disability issues.
  • Through the use of a daily tracking incident log, University Police changed patrol patterns and added security cameras in areas where higher incidents of criminal activity have been documented.
  • The Office of Student Housing and Residential Services, through the use of its annual Educational Benchmarking, Inc. (EBI) survey, is in the process of tearing down antiquated facilities that do not meet the needs of current students and replacing them with new, more appealing and functional structures.

In addition to department-generated assessment activities, campus-wide assessment tools help to ensure that the Division offers quality programs to Southeastern students. These surveys show that the programs and services offered by the Division of Student Affairs are well received.

  • Southeastern Louisiana University Survey of Current Students
    The Southeastern Louisiana University Survey of Current Students, an instrument sponsored by the Student Government Association and administered annually by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, measures student satisfaction and perceived importance of many areas within the Division of Student Affairs. Some of the findings from the 2002-2003 survey show that
    • Students rated “services for students with disabilities” as the most important service offered on campus with a score of 4.62 out 5.
    • When asked about the importance to the campus, students rated 13 of the 15 listed student affairs areas higher than a 4 on a 5-point scale.
    • Students rated Recreational Sports and Wellness as the department with which they were most satisfied (giving a score of 4.35 out 5).
    • Students' satisfaction levels for the Campus Activities Board, the University Counseling Center, and Disability Services were rated 4.0 or higher.
  • ACT Student Opinion Survey
    Assessment information is also garnered from the 2003 ACT Student Opinion Survey, an instrument that is also administered annually during the spring semester. It, too, reinforces that many of the Division's programs have a high level of student satisfaction. Among other indicators, the data shows that
    • Recreational Sports and Wellness, which scored the highest in student satisfaction on campus, had a mean score of 4.37 out of 5. This was higher than the state mean of 4.02 and the national mean of 4.03.
    • Career Planning Services, College Sponsored Social Activities, Counseling Services, University Police, and Campus Dining also scored higher than both the state and national mean in student satisfaction.
    • Southeastern also scored above the state and national mean in the areas of purposes for which student activity fees are used and opportunities for personal involvement in campus activities.

Another measure of quality and effectiveness comes in the form of accreditation. The University Counseling Center is the only office within the Division of Student Affairs to be eligible for accreditation status from a recognized external agency. The University Counseling Center was initially accredited in 1985, the first Louisiana public university counseling center to be so recognized, and has maintained accreditation since that time. The International Association of Counseling Services, Inc. evaluates university counseling services on such factors as relationship to the university community, qualifications of personnel, roles and functions, ethical standards, and facilities.


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