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The institution provides a sufficient number of qualified staff—with appropriate education or experiences both in library or other learning/information resources—to accomplish the mission of the institution.



Southeastern is in compliance with Library and Other Learning Resources Comprehensive Standard 3.8.3.



Linus A. Sims Memorial Library employs nineteen full-time librarians, all tenured or tenure-track faculty members, including a Director of the Library and an Assistant Director, and one temporary reference/instruction librarian, a non-tenure-track instructor position. All tenure-track librarians possess an ALA-accredited MLS, and some have an additional subject master's degree. Eight faculty are tenured; six have the rank of associate professor, while the other tenure-track librarians have the rank of assistant professor. The incumbent in the instructor position is working on her MLS, and has several years of instruction experience as a high school librarian.

In addition, the Library employs twenty-two civil service support staff members, all but two (the Administrative Secretary and the Library Clerk) are classified as Library Specialists. The Library faculty and staff are sufficient both in numbers and qualifications to accomplish the Library's mission to provide support for the instructional research, creative and service activities of the faculty, students, and staff of the University, especially when viewed against the criteria for adequacy of library staffing as measured by the 2004 Standards for Libraries in Higher Education of the Association of College and Research Libraries.

Library Faculty
The full-time Library faculty are identified by name, title, and qualifications in a supporting table. As with all other University faculty, Library faculty meet the necessary academic and professional standards as outlined by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Library faculty are appointed through the same process as other University faculty, outlined in the Faculty Handbook (Part III, Section A). Additional information about the faculty hiring process may be found in Comprehensive Standard 3.7.1.

Library faculty are evaluated annually as outlined in the Faculty Handbook (Part III, Section E). Annual evaluations are guided by the Library Annual Evaluation Guidelines, and performed by the faculty member's supervisor and the Assistant Library Director. During the evaluation process the faculty member's level of performance is evaluated and goals for the coming year are formulated.

The tenure process for Library faculty is the same as for tenure-track faculty in other academic units (as provided in the Faculty Handbook, Part III, Section H). Library faculty are evaluated in the areas of job/teaching performance, professional development, and service, as outlined in the Library Tenure and Promotion Guidelines.

As with all members of the University faculty, Library faculty are obligated to participate in both University activities and professional development activities. Librarians serve on committees throughout the University; the current Vice-President/President Elect of the University Faculty Senate is the Coordinator of User Education at Sims. In addition, Library faculty regularly hold important offices in national, regional, and state professional organizations, and produce books, papers, articles, grants, and poster session displays as part of their professional development and research. Indeed, the library faculty at Sims are known throughout the state for their variety of scholarly activities and participation in conferences and training sessions.

Library Staff
Library support staff are classified employees of the University and are hired through the process described in Comprehensive Standard 3.2.9. They are trained by the Library faculty or, in some instances, by senior Library Specialists, and undergo annual performance evaluations. The complexity of the work of the staff member determines the level of Library Specialist, as described in the state's Civil Service Guidelines.

The statements and rationale in Core Requirement 2.9 and Comprehensive Standard 3.8.2 demonstrate that the resources and staff of Sims Memorial Library are accomplishing the mission of the institution.


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ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) 2004 Standards for Libraries in Higher Education

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Sims Memorial Library Faculty Credentials
Faculty Handbook, Part III. Section A Appointment to the Faculty
Faculty Handbook, Part III. Section E Evaluation of Faculty
Library Annual Evaluation Guidelines
Faculty Handbook, Part III. Section H Tenure and Promotion Guidelines
Library Tenure and Promotion Guidelines
Louisiana Civil Service Job Description, Library Specialist


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