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The institution ensures adequate procedures for the safeguarding and protecting of academic freedom.



Southeastern is in compliance with Faculty Comprehensive Standard 3.7.4.

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In Chapter III Section I its Board Rules, the University of Louisiana System outlines the rights, duties, and responsibilities of academic staff within the System as follows:

The University of Louisiana System is committed to the principle of academic freedom. This principle acknowledges the right of a teacher to explore fully within the field of his/her subject as he/she believes to represent the truth. The principle also includes the right of a member of the academic staff of the System to exercise in speaking, writing, and action outside the System the ordinary rights of the American citizen, but it does not decrease the responsibility and accountability that the member of the academic staff bears to the system, the state, and the nation.

Among the many implicit responsibilities that must be assumed by those enjoying the privileges of academic freedom shall be that of refraining from insisting upon the adoption by students or others of any particular point of view as authoritative in controversial issues .

Southeastern Louisiana University, as a part of the University of Louisiana System, works to foster a unique educational environment where students and faculty develop to their fullest potential as persons, teachers, artists, researchers, and scholars. Southeastern's statement on Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility, consistent with the eight core values outlined in Southeastern's Vision 2005, is located in Southeastern's employee handbooks (Part V, Section I):

Southeastern Louisiana University is committed to the principle of academic freedom and to the concomitant principle that this freedom carries with it the special obligation to exercise academic responsibility and to observe professional ethics.

Recognizing the fact that the common good is dependent upon the free search for truth and its free expression, the University endorses the principle that the teacher is entitled to full freedom in research and publication of results, subject to adequate performance of the other academic duties. The teacher is entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing the subject, but should be careful not to introduce into the teaching controversial matters unrelated to the subject or to insist upon the adoption by others of any particular point of view as authoritative in controversial issues. Profanity, off-color jokes, and similar forms of vulgarity, as well as racist and sexist comments, will not be tolerated.

Recognizing the fact that the university teacher is a citizen as well as a member of a learned profession and an educational institution, the University endorses the principle that academic freedom includes the right of a member of the academic staff to exercise in speaking, writing, and action outside the University the rights of an American citizen, but emphasizes that this special position does not decrease the responsibility and accountability to the University, the State, and the Nation. As a person of learning and as a member of the educational institution, the teacher should remember that the public may judge the profession and the institution by his/her expressions and actions. Therefore, at all times when speaking and acting as a private citizen, the teacher should be accurate, exercise appropriate restraint, show respect for the opinions of others, and make every effort to indicate that he/she is not a spokesperson for the university.

With this policy, the University explicitly safeguards faculty entitlement to academic freedom in the classroom, research, and publishing, while recognizing that with rights come responsibilities. Thus, the University acts to protect the faculty member's individual academic freedom, while asking faculty to not abuse this freedom by offending, intimidating, or abusing others. Southeastern's Faculty Senate, as stated in its Bylaws (Article V. Section 2), monitors the University's support and promotion of academic freedom.

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University of Louisiana System Board Rules, Part II, Chapter III Section I. Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Academic Staff

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Employee Handbooks, Part V. Section I. Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility
Vision 2005
Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws , Bylaws, Article V. Section 2
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