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The institution awards degrees only to those students who have earned at least 25 percent of the credit hours required for the degree through instruction offered by that institution.



Southeastern is in compliance with Undergraduate Programs Comprehensive Standard 3.5.2.



Southeastern Louisiana University's 2003-2004 General Catalogue (page 65) indicates that “at least 25 percent of credit semester hours must be earned at Southeastern” for all candidates earning a baccalaureate degree. For candidates earning an associate degree, the University stipulates that “at least 30 hours of the total hours in the program” be taken at Southeastern Louisiana University. In most cases, this is approximately one-half of the required hours for the associate degree programs offered by the University. In all cases, it is more than the requisite 25 percent.

To ensure compliance with University graduation requirements, all applications for graduation are triple checked for completeness and compliance. The process starts the semester prior to graduation when a candidate completes the graduation application. That form is sent to the Department of the candidate's major, which then conducts the first assessment. Once completed, the form is forwarded to the candidate's dean, who then verifies the information and adherence to policy. Finally, the form is sent to the Office of Records and Registration for final review and checkout. The form also includes a space to verify that the student's last 30 hours are scheduled at Southeastern, and that at least one-half of the major courses were taken at Southeastern. During this process, candidates for graduation are notified of deficiencies that need to be corrected prior to graduation approval.


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General Catalogue 2003-2004, Graduation Requirements for Baccalaureate and Associate Degrees

(see page 65)

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