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Academic support services are those services that support the academic mission of the University, maintain and enhance the credentials, professional skills, and knowledge of faculty and staff, and assist in retaining and progressing students. Southeastern Louisiana University approaches this charge through a variety of effective programmatic initiatives.

Academic Support Services for Faculty and Staff
Southeastern makes available to faculty and staff academic support services that provide guidance on Southeastern's established polices and procedures, offer faculty and staff educational and professional opportunities, and support and encourage faculty to maintain professional currency and contribute to advancing knowledge in their particular disciplines.

Services that provide faculty and staff guidance on Southeastern's policies and procedures:

  • Faculty Orientation
    Faculty Orientation is conducted by the Center for Faculty Excellence, and includes a benefits fair conducted by the Office of Human Resources. Some departments provide additional orientation programs for faculty. Faculty Orientation supports academic programs by introducing faculty to Southeastern's policies, procedures, and opportunities for faculty development.
  • Faculty Mentoring Program
    Faculty mentoring programs are academic support programs that enhance the development of teaching and research skills through a formal program of mentoring. Encouraged by the University and provided through academic departments, faculty mentoring programs also are designed to help faculty become familiar with Southeastern's policies and procedures.
  • Employee Handbooks
    Southeastern provides employee handbooks for its faculty and staff, which clearly delineate University policies and procedures. Part IV of each handbook (faculty, unclassified, classified, and graduate assistant) outlines the duties and responsibilities of Southeastern employees. In addition, the Faculty Handbook supports academic programs by providing a source of teaching, research, and service expectations for faculty.

Academic support services that offer faculty and staff educational and professional opportunities:

  • Faculty and Staff Education Opportunities
    Southeastern faculty and staff are given opportunity to enroll in courses offered by the University. Faculty and staff, with sufficient service to the University, receive substantial fee waivers for courses taken at Southeastern. In addition, there are provisions to allow staff to attend a class during work hours. Also, some colleges and departments offer development seminars to improve teaching and communication and technological skills of faculty and staff. For more information on faculty and staff professional development opportunities, see Comprehensive Standard 3.7.3.

Southeastern also provides faculty support for maintaining professional currency and contributing to advancing knowledge in their particular disciplines through the following services:

  • The Center for Faculty Excellence
    The Center for Faculty Excellence offer opportunities for faculty members to maintain professional currency and advance their skill sets. Its mission is to assist faculty by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth, for innovation and experimentation, and for change and renewal. It supports academics through training, seminars, and grant support that improve faculty knowledge, credentials, and professional skills. Included in the activities of the Center for Faculty Excellence are the following:

For more details on academic support services offered by the Center for Faculty Excellence, see Comprehensive Standard 3.7.3.

  • Sabbatical Leave Program
    The University supports academic renewal and faculty development through a formal process involving the granting of sabbatical leave for interested faculty. The program is monitored to assure adherence to the expectation that sabbaticals improve faculty skills and knowledge.
  • The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs
    The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs provides grant and support assistance to faculty pursuing teaching and research enrichment. Services include grants development and solicitation, training opportunities and report preparation assistance.
Basic Academic Support Services for Students
Southeastern provides a positive learning environment by offering a variety of academic support services to students in support of its academic mission. Opportunities include services to help students develop the learning skills necessary to excel in an academic environment, as well as opportunities to develop leadership and professional skills. While student support services are more thoroughly discussed in Core Requirement 2.10, the following is a list of services that provide assistance to students as they progress through their particular academic programs:
  • The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid and the Office of Records and Registration
    The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid and the Office of Records and Registration provide a variety of appropriate academic support services: recruiting and retention, financial aid, records maintenance, transcript evaluation and transfer of credits, graduation assistance and final graduation application review.
  • The Office of Testing
    The Office of Testing provides access to non-course credit opportunities and assistance with testing needs. By providing access to non-course opportunities, including CLEP tests, the office serves the mission of the university in providing progression opportunities for prepared students.
  • The College of General Studies
    The College of General Studies offers opportunities designed to advance and retain students. Courses offered by the College include career development classes and classes to improve study skills. Orientation 101 classes for freshmen are the result of collaboration between the College and the Office of Admissions. Programs provided through the College of General Studies include the following:
    • The Career and Academic Planning Center assists students in making career and academic decisions, and provides guidance for students experiencing academic difficulties or concerns about continuing with a chosen major.
    • Student Enhancement Services provides a supportive environment for academic retention and progression. Student Enhancement Services offers tutoring services, a Student Resource Center, an Academic Support Lab, an Athletic Academic Center Lab, and supplemental instruction.
  • The Division of Student Affairs
    The Division of Student Affairs provides appropriate academic support for Southeastern's mission. The Division supports efforts to serve student needs through a variety of initiatives and programs:
    • The Office of Career Services assists students in gaining employment on a part-time basis while enrolled in a degree program and assists students seeking quality employment upon graduation. The Office of Career Services provides interest assessments, resume and interview assistance, job search development, and a Job Fair.
    • The Office of Disability Services facilitates the process of academic accommodations for students with disabilities and collaborates with other units to ensure full participation in all activities, programs, and services of the University.
    • The Office of Judicial Affairs supports and enhances the University's mission and core values by promoting a just, safe, orderly, civil, and positive University environment through conduct standards, disciplinary processes, training and intervention. The Office of Judicial Affairs provides a forum whereby actions that are counter to the University's mission may be addressed and adjudicated.
    • The University Counseling Center, the first in Louisiana to be accredited, provides psychological counseling to students, faculty, and their immediate families. The Counseling Center provides a psychologically safe environment for those in need of professional counseling.
    • The Office of Student Publications provides learning and working opportunities that promote leadership and management skills, writing skills, and a forum for the expression of ideas and opinions in a free and open environment.
    • The Office of Multicultural and International Student Affairs encourages and welcomes student diversity. The Office promotes student diversity through seminars, workshops, and during Orientation. Some of the many services the Office provides include mentoring, student leadership opportunities, and an English as a Second Language program.
    • The Office of Leadership Development helps students identify and develop their leadership abilities. Services offered by the Office of Leadership Development include Excel scholarships, freshman convocation, leadership retreats, voter registration, Grad Fair, and other student development efforts.
    • The Student Government Association supports academic progress directly through several initiatives, including study-abroad scholarships and grants for student learning. In addition to this, the Student Government Association oversees the use of the Student Technology Fee through the Student Technology Fee Committee. This committee reports to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs as well as the Student Government Senate.
    • The Office of Student Organizations and Greek Life integrates knowledge from the classroom with everyday experiences of living and working in a society of people with varied interests, ideas, and values. Student Organizations and Greek Life supports the University's mission by providing co-curricular activities, scholarships, scholastic assistance, student orientation, advising, and leadership development opportunities.
    • The Campus Activities Board sponsors events and activities aimed at improving student appreciation of arts and social understanding, a central tenet of the University. Events sponsored by the Campus Activities Board include seminars, concerts, and other special activities.

Specialized Academic Support Services for Students
Southeastern also offers students, faculty, and staff other specialized academic support services that support Southeastern's academic mission.

  • The Honors Program
    The Honors Program develops and provides challenging programs that recognize and support scholastic achievement. The Honors Program coordinates the University's honors programs and provides scholarship support and advising and mentoring services for honors students. Through its efforts, the Honors Program supports the University's efforts to increase the percentage of highly qualified students entering degree programs.
  • The Office of Academic Service Learning
    The Office of Academic Service Learning provides a stimulating and exciting interdisciplinary learning experience for all students enrolled in a degree program that leads to teacher certification. The activities of the Office of Academic Service Learning that support faculty and students includes the following:
    • Acting as a clearinghouse for resource materials on service learning
    • Providing links to other service learning programs
    • Acting as a liaison between faculty and academic service learning sites
    • Providing students opportunities to participate in their own education
    • Assisting faculty in developing service learning components
  • International Initiatives Office
    The International Initiatives Office coordinates and advances study-abroad opportunities for students. The Office advances the mission of the university through the provision of educational opportunities on a global basis. The Office assists faculty in their efforts to internationalize their courses and skill sets.
  • The Writing Center
    The Writing Center in the Department of English provides students the opportunity to improve their written communication skills. The Writing Center provides workshops, seminars, and direct instruction through individual writing conferences with students from across curriculums.
  • Connections
    Connections provides an interdisciplinary learning experience for all students, and is a collaborative effort between the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education and Human Development. Acting as a catalyst for cross-disciplinary programs, Connections provides grant programs to support undergraduate research and artistic endeavors, workshops and seminars; it is a clearinghouse for resource materials.
  • Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station
    Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station is a field research and educational station on Lake Pontchartrain that provides academic support appropriate to the mission and role of the University. A research and teaching facility and living lab, Turtle Cove provides professional research and collaborative opportunities, community education and outreach programs, in-service teacher workshops, and other educational opportunities focused on environmental issues.
  • The Florida Parish Social Science Research Center
    The Florida Parishes Social Science Research Center conducts research and disseminates information on the southeast region of the state. The Center provides polling services, instructional and research support, and student support services appropriate to the University's mission of leading the educational, cultural and economic development of the region.
  • The Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies
    The Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies maintains archives and special collections of materials important to the history of the region surrounding Southeastern. The Center offers opportunities for learning and research by sponsoring exhibits, lecture series, and the Deep Delta Civil War Symposium.
  • Sponsored Seminars and Lectures
    Sponsored seminars and lectures are provided on a regular basis to augment the learning environment. Examples include the James Livingston Lecture Series on Business Ethics and the James Morrison Lecture Series on Politics and Government. These seminars and lectures support the academic mission of the University.

Sims Memorial Library
The Sims Memorial Library provides a variety of appropriate academic support services and serves as a repository of materials and databases that augment the academic environment. This includes instructional services, databases, monographs and serials, and reference services that support the scholarly needs of all degree programs offered by Southeastern.

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Important to the maintenance of effective academic programs is the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, which provides primary support and coordination for Southeastern's Insititutional Effectiveness program. Institutional Research and Assessment develops, maintains, and tracks a variety of data measures, and a database of nationally recognized measures relevant to institutional effectiveness and impact. The Office is a key support unit for the Major Field Assessment program that is institutionalized across disciplines. Appropriate academic support services provided by the Office include the following:

  • Coordinates major field assessments, general education assessments and support unit assessments
  • Administers the Student Opinion of Teaching survey every semester
  • Coordinates faculty surveys concerning effectiveness of University administrators
  • Coordinates the National Survey of Student Engagement
  • Conducts and analyzes surveys to allow programmatic assessment
  • Reports and shares information used in assessment efforts





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Faculty Handbook

Unclassified Employee Handbook

Classified Employee Handbook

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Center for Faculty Excellence

The Institute for Teaching and Professional Enhancement

Center for Faculty Excellence, Grants for Teaching Enhancement

Center for Faculty Excellence, The Center's Innovative Teaching Initiative (CITI)

Faculty Handbook , Part V, Section D. Leave Policies Sabbatical Leave
(see page 1)

Office of Sponsored Research and Programs

Enrollment Management, the Office of Admissions

Enrollment Management, the Office of Financial Aid

Enrollment Management, the Office of Records and Registration

Office of Testing

College of General Studies

Career and Academic Planning Center

Student Enhancement Services

Orientation Program

Division of Student Affairs

Office of Career Services

Office of Disability Services

Office of Judicial Affairs

University Counseling Center

Office of Student Publications

Office of Multicultural and International Student Affairs

Office of Leadership Development

Student Government Association

Student Organizations and Greek Life

Campus Activities Board

Honors Program

Office of Academic Service Learning

International Initiatives Office

Writing Center


Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station

Florida Parish Social Science Research Center

Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies

Linus A. Sims Memorial Library, General Information page

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, Institutional Effectiveness



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