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The institution has a defined and published policy for evaluating, awarding, and accepting credit for transfer, experiential learning, advanced placement, and professional certificates that is consistent with its mission and ensures that course work and learning outcomes are at the collegiate level and comparable to the institution's own degree programs. The insitution assumes responsibility for the academic quality of any course work or credit recorded on the institution's transcript.



Southeastern is in compliance with Educational Programs Comprehensive Standard 3.4.4.



Southeastern's policies for evaluating, awarding, and accepting credit for transfer, experiential learning, advance placement and professional certificates are well defined and published annually in the General Catalogue. These policies are consistent with the University's mission as a state institution accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Pages 48-49 of the General Catalogue provide Southeastern's policies for transfer students from other universities or colleges. Acceptance of credit earned at a non-regionally accredited institution is outlined on page 49, and the policy on junior college transfer credits is provided on page 50. Pages 59-63 communicate Southeastern's provisions for credit by examination and advanced placement, and the policy for credit for military experience is contained on page 63. Southeastern adheres to the Board of Regent's Statewide Student Transfer Guide and Articulation System. External credit is awarded on an individual student basis and is dependent on the determination that the presented documentation is valid and relevant.

The Office of Admissions processes the evaluation of credit from other institutions. The coursework is entered into established course equivalency tables, which contain the general education course equivalencies established through the Louisiana Board of Regents Statewide Student Transfer Guide and Articulation System and other course equivalencies approved by the appropriate academic department. Credit allowed through this process is, in all cases, subject to review by the college that the student enters to determine applicability toward a particular degree program.

The Undergraduate Admissions Office may determine course equivalencies for general education courses not a part of the course equivalency tables if course descriptions are provided and the equivalency is clearly evident. If the course descriptions are not clearly equivalent, the Admissions Office will require a review and recommendation from the appropriate academic department. Any other courses not contained in the course equivalency tables must be approved by the appropriate academic department before credit can be awarded. Once an equivalency has been determined by either the Undergraduate Admissions Office or by the appropriate academic department, the course is entered into the course equivalency table so that future credit can be applied based on this determination.

Courses evaluated by Southeastern for transfer credit from regionally accredited institutions will carry the grade earned at the institution where the courses were taken if the grading system used is comparable to Southeastern's grading system. However, credits earned at foreign colleges and universities will carry the grade of P. Technical and vocational credits are not accepted, nor is credit accepted for varsity sports.

Special circumstances such as consortia arrangements, 2 + 2 agreements, and articulation agreements may result in specific policies for the awarding of transfer credit and how such credits will be counted towards a Southeastern degree. These policies are applicable only to students participating in the programs. For example, the cooperative agreement between Southeastern and the Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras (UTH) described in Comprehensive Standard 3.4.7 allows Honduran students who successfully pursue a specific English language business degree curriculum in Honduras and complete 51 hours of credit courses from Southeastern to simultaneously receive degrees from both institutions. The agreement was reached only after extensive collaboration with the faculty at UTH on course content and rigor and Southeastern periodically reviews UTH course materials to ensure compliance with standards set forth in the cooperative agreement.

Transfer students who have questions concerning their transfer evaluation may request a review of these by their academic dean, their department head, the Associate Director of Admissions, and/or the heads of the departments in which the courses are offered at Southeastern. Requests must be made in writing to the Associate Director of Admissions and must list the specific course or courses in question. The student may be required to furnish course descriptions and/or course syllabi and may be required to meet with the appropriate reviewer before a final determination can be made. This procedure can be found on the Undergraduate Admission Information web page.

The Office of Records and Registration is responsible for the integrity, maintenance, and security of academic student records. The Office accepts the responsibility for ensuring that data contained within the academic transcript adheres to academic policies adopted by the University.




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Board of Regents Statewide Student Transfer Guide and Articulation System

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Undergraduate Admission Information, Transfer Applicants

Office of Records and Registration


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