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The institution defines and publishes general education requirements for its undergraduate programs and major program requirements for all its programs. These requirements conform to commonly accepted standards and practices for degree programs.



Southeastern is in compliance with Educational Programs Comprehensive Standard 3.4.10.



Southeastern Louisiana University defines and publishes general education and other major program requirements in Southeastern's General Catalogue and on its web site. These requirements conform to the standards outlined by the Louisiana State Board of Regents as well as the standards defined by the individual program's accrediting agency (if the degree program has an accrediting agency). The standards set by these agencies are considered to be commonly accepted standards and practices for undergraduate programs and graduate and post-baccalaureate professional degree programs.

Publication of General Education Requirements
Southeastern publishes its general education requirements on page 63 of Southeastern's 2003-2004 General Catalogue, available in printed form and on Southeastern's web site. These requirements are based upon and conform to those mandated by the Louisiana Board of Regents in its Academic Affairs Policy 2.16. Curriculum requirements for every undergraduate program include these general education requirements, which are also available in the General Catalogue and on the University's web site. In addition to this, every student's curriculum folder, maintained by the departmental office, contains the curriculum requirements for the degree program the student is pursuing. Students have access to their folders any time during regular office hours. The same is true for all graduate programs; general education requirements are published in the General Catalogue (hard copy and on line) and are maintained in the student's curriculum folder. Further discussion on the definition of general education requirements can be found in Core Requirement 2.7 and Comprehensive Standard 3.5.1.

Publication of Major Program Requirements
All of Southeastern's degree and program offerings are described in detail in Southeastern's General Catalogue , which is available in printed form and on Southeastern's web site. In addition to the General Catalogue , academic departments publish curriculum sheets containing major program requirements on their departmental web sites. Curriculum sheets are also included in each student's curriculum folder, maintained by the departmental office. Students have access to their individual curriculum sheets marking their progress toward meeting degree program requirements anytime during regular office hours. All degree programs at Southeastern must have a minimum of 120 credit hours and must include all of the general education courses. The specific major-related courses for each discipline are listed in the General Catalogue on pages 115 – 305.

Conformity of Requirements to Accepted Standards
Evidence that the general education and major program requirements for all programs conform to recognized standards is maintained in a number of ways. As stipulated in the Board of Regents Academic Affairs Policy 2.13, all thirty-five programs mandated by the Louisiana Board of Regents to be accredited are accredited by the appropriate national accrediting agency at Southeastern. Furthermore, of the eight programs for which the Board of Regents suggests (but does not mandate) accreditation, six are fully accredited, one is ineligible, and one is in the application process. A list of Southeastern's available degree programs and their accreditation status is available on Southeastern's website.

All other programs that do not have an accrediting agency undergo periodic external review as outlined in Southeastern's Guidelines for Academic Program Review. The process is very similar to an accreditation visit, and includes the completion of a comprehensive self-study report as well as a visit from an external review team comprised of three experts, two from out-of-state and one in-state. The external review team must address and assess the following specific issues:

  • The mission of the department
  • The quality of the program
  • Relationships between the program and other programs in the University
  • The characteristics of the program
  • The support that the program receives
  • Diversity issues
  • Community outreach

Within the “program quality” component of the review, external peer reviewers are required to ensure that academic programs are “well-regulated by clearly-articulated standards” (page 6).


Document Location
General Catalogue 2003-2004, Admission Criteria and Academic Regulations

(see page 63)

Louisiana Board of Regents Policies and Procedures Manual , Academic Affairs Policy 2.16 Statewide General Education Requirements

Local Copy:

Degree and Program Offerings
General Catalogue 2003-2004, Catalogue Curricula
Louisiana Board of Regents Policies and Procedures Manual , Academic Affairs Policy 2.13, Program Accreditation

Local Copy:

Louisiana Board of Regents List of Approved Program Accrediting Agencies

Local Copy:

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, Electronic Fact Book, Available Degree Programs and Their Accreditation Status, Academic Year 2003-2004
Guidelines for Academic Program Review 2002-2003
(see page 6)


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