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The institution has a clearly defined and published organizational structure that delineates responsibility for the administration of policies.



Southeastern is in compliance with Governance and Administration Comprehensive Standard 3.2.7.



The organizational structure at Southeastern Louisiana University is clearly defined so as to delineate responsibilities and lines of accountability. The President is clearly vested with the authority to administer the University as per the University of Louisiana System Board Rules (Part II, Chapter III, Section IV). The University's organizational chart (published in employee handbooks) shows that the President delegates responsibility for the four primary areas of the University Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Finance and Administration, and University Advancement to the vice presidents. The University's employee handbooks (Part I Section E) also clearly delineate the general responsibilities and duties of the President and the four vice presidents.


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University of Louisiana System Board Rules, Part II, Chapter III, Section IV. Role, Contractual Arrangements, Benefits, Expenses, and Evaluations of Presidents
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Employee Handbooks, Part I Section D. Organizational Chart
Employee Handbooks, Part I Section E. University Administrative Positions


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