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There is a clear and appropriate distinction, in writing and practice, between the policy-making functions of the governing board and the responsibility of the administration and faculty to administer and implement policy.



Southeastern is in compliance with Governance and Administration Comprehensive Standard 3.2.6.



Section V. of the University of Louisiana System Bylaws outline the duties, powers, and functions of the Board. Item B of Section V. General Statement of Administrative Policy, states the following:

The Board shall determine broad administrative and academic policies, conduct of all Board, System and institutional affairs and it shall provide for execution of its policies by the System President and by the institution presidents.

Louisiana Revised Statute 17:3351 and Section V. item C of the System's Bylaws outline other duties, powers, and functions of the Board. These include, but are not limited to, the following items, which further outline the Board's policy-making function:

  • Part I, Section V. C.12: “adopt, amend, or repeal rules or regulations necessary or proper for the business of the Board and for the governance of the institutions under its jurisdiction;”
  • Part I, Section V. C.13: “adopt, amend or repeal rules and regulations for the governance and discipline of students;”
  • Part I, Section IX. Changes in Bylaws: “New bylaws may be adopted, and bylaws may be amended or repealed by majority vote at any meeting of the Board. No action shall be taken unless notice of such proposed adoption, amendment, or repeal shall have been given at a previous meeting or unless notice in writing of the proposed change shall have been served upon each member of the Board at least 30 days in advance of the final vote upon such change.”
In addition, the University of Louisiana System has adopted Board Rules which provide further duties, powers and functions to System universities. Chapter III, Section IV. A states that a University President is to “be responsible to the Board and the System President for the effective execution of all Board and System policies, resolutions, rules, and regulations adopted by the Board, as well as plans, memoranda, and directives issued by the System President. The Institution's President's discretionary powers shall be broad enough to enable him/her to meet his/her extensive responsibilities.”


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University of Louisiana System Bylaws, Section V.
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Louisiana Revised Statute 17:3351

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University of Louisiana System Board Rules , Part II, Chapter III, Section IV. Role, Contractual Arrangements, Benefits, Expenses, and Evaluations of Presidents
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