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The institution evaluates the effectiveness of its administrators, including the chief executive officer, on a periodic basis.



Southeastern is in compliance with Governance and Administration Comprehensive Standard 3.2.10.



Evaluation of the University's administrators is primarily explicated in the University's employee handbooks as well as in complementary policy documents. The section entitled Performance Evaluation of Administrators generally describes the guidelines and procedures.

The yearly evaluation of the President and the four vice presidents is described in the University policy document entitled Policy and Procedures for the Evaluation of the President and Vice Presidents. The process provides for wide input on performance through an assessment survey administered by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. The President and the four vice presidents each establish yearly performance goals. The process also provides for self-assessment on goal performance. Each vice president meets with the President to set expectations and discuss results.

The President completes a Performance Plan and also discusses results with a Presidential Review Committee. The Committee is a standing committee appointed each year by the President for the purpose of administering the presidential evaluation procedures described in the policy manual. The committee consists of the chair of the Department Heads Council, a representative of the Deans Council, a representative of the vice presidents, the Faculty Senate President, the Student Government Association President, and the chair of the President's Community Advisory Committee. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment serves in a technical advisory capacity to this committee.

The Faculty Handbook, Part I, Section F outlines general performance evaluation procedures for academic deans and department heads. The deans and other Academic Affairs staff reporting to the Provost participate in an annual 360° evaluation program that gathers feedback on performance from peers, colleagues/customers, and subordinates. The Provost's Office gathers and compiles the data, and the Provost reviews the results with each staff person. Academic department heads are evaluated by the full-time faculty within the department as well as the dean of the college.

Other unclassified staff are typically evaluated on an annual basis in a manner appropriate to their job responsibilities as per the Unclassified Employee Handbook, Part III Section E. The Vice Presidents for Administration and Finance and for Student Affairs also use a 360° evaluation-type program to evaluate many of the Directors who report to them and who have frequent contacts with peers, colleagues/customers, or subordinates.

Very few administrative positions, i.e., those that could be described as middle- or upper-management, are classified staff (state civil service) positions. One notable exception is the Director of Human Resources. Classified staff are evaluated as per the evaluation principles of State Civil Service. The Performance Planning and Evaluation policy is found in the Classified Employee Handbook, Part III, Section E, and a sample Performance Planning and Review Form can be accessed from the Human Resources web site.

The importance of performance planning and evaluation in the context of Institutional Effectiveness is discussed in Core Requirement 2.5.




Employee Handbooks,
Part I Section F. Performance Evaluation of Administrators

Policy and Procedures for the Evaluation of the President and Vice Presidents

360° Leadership Assessment Process, Academic Affairs

Unclassified Employee Handbook, Part III, Section E. Performance Evaluation

Classified Employee Handbook , Part III, Section E. Employee Evaluation

State Employee Performance Planning and Review (PPR) Form

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