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The institution, through ownership or formal arrangements or agreements, provides and supports student and faculty access and user privileges to adequate library collections as well as to other learning/information resources consistent with the degrees offered. These collections and resources are sufficient to support all its educational, research, and public service programs.



Southeastern is in compliance with Core Requirement 2.9.


Linus A. Sims Memorial Library is Southeastern Louisiana University's primary repository for information resources and services. In addition, a small branch library is located in the Baton Rouge Center, and provides specialized Nursing and Health Sciences resources. Sims Memorial Library houses the main collections, periodicals in all formats, microform resources, media materials, government documents, and special collections. Services the Library provides to Southeastern's students, faculty, and staff include interlibrary loan, document delivery, access to electronic databases and resources, arrangements for reciprocal library borrowing, and access to materials owned by other members of LOUIS, the Louisiana Library Netweork.

The mission statement of Sims Memorial Library forms the basis for the collection and services it provides, directly reflecting the intent of Core Requirement 2.9, to provide access to collections and resources sufficient to support university educational, research, and public service programs. The Library also complies with the standards of the Association of College and Research Libraries addressing library resources. Southeastern provides and supports student and faculty access and user privileges to adequate (i.e., those resources that effectively support programs and courses, as identified in self-study reports and through surveys and comparisons with other schools' programs) library collections and other learning/information resources in the following ways:

  • A comparison between the Library's collections, whether owned or made available through electronic or other means, and the collections of peer institutions demonstrates that Southeastern's students and faculty have access to resources that are at least equivalent to those available to students and faculty at peer institutions as demonstrated in Table 1 below.

Table 1
Total Library Holdings
University of Louisiana System Institutions

Year Ending 6/30
% Change
FY 2001
FY 2002
Grambling State University
Louisiana Tech University
McNeese State University
Northwestern State University
Nicholls State University
Southeastern Louisiana University
University of Louisiana - Lafayette
University of Louisiana - Monroe
University of Louisiana System Totals

University of Louisiana System

  • Sims Memorial Library is a member of LOUIS, established in 1992 by the Louisiana Board of Regents and comprised of public and private academic and special libraries. LOUIS is an electronic library network linking over 40 members to services such as library automation, a union catalog, interlibrary loan automation, electronic resources, authentication, training, and hosting related listservs and web sites.
  • With the Library's participation in LALINC, the Louisiana Academic Library Information Network Consortium, the students and faculty of Southeastern have access to the collections of 40 additional libraries within the state.
  • Sims Memorial Library subscribes to approximately 90 electronic databases and offers access to some 40,000 e-books via netLibrary, OCLC's electronic book collection which supports web-based research, reference and learning.
  • Through the Library's interlibrary loan and document delivery service, 4,063 items were obtained in 2003/03 to support student and faculty research. Most of these were provided at no cost to the borrower. (Faculty and graduate students are not charged for interlibrary loan or document delivery; undergraduates are responsible for any charges passed on by lender libraries.) The Library uses Ingenta/Uncover, CISTI and the British Library as a document delivery service.
  • Several professional accrediting agencies include a review of library resources as part of the accreditation process, and have determined that the Library's resources are sufficient to support studies in their disciplines. These agencies include the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (pages 147-152) and the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (pages 16, 114-116), to name just two.
  • Additionally, certain academic departments have conducted self-studies. An example of this is the Department of English Academic Program Review (page 80, item 29). The visiting investigators have reported that the Library supports each department's research and teaching needs.

Surveys conducted at Southeastern indicate that the faculty and students are satisfied with the library's services and resources. These surveys include:

The Library's mission statement, together with the University's mission plan, drives the services, collections, partnerships, and initiatives of Sims Memorial Library. The Library's Action Plan, updated at least every two years, sets specific goals for the Library and monitors their success.

Document Location
Sims Memorial Library Mission Statement

Linus A. Sims Memorial Library, General Information page

LOUIS Information

Local Copy:

LALINC Borrowing Agreement

Library Databases


College of Business and Technology Self-Evaluation Report, Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International
(pages 147-152)

Department of Computer Science Questionnaire for Review, Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
(pages 16, 114-115)

Department of English Academic Program Review 2003

(page 80, item 29)

Sims Memorial Library User Survey, Spring 1999

Fall 1999 Survey of Faculty and Staff

Focus Group Report, Fall 2003

LibQUAL+ Survey, Spring 2004

Sims Memorial Library Vision 2005 Action Plan


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