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The institution is in operation and has students enrolled in degree programs.



Southeastern is in compliance with Core Requirement 2.6.



Southeastern Louisiana University is in operation and has students in degree programs as evidenced by routine reports that are submitted to the Louisiana Board of Regents and included in the Board of Regents Preliminary Enrollment Report and Statewide Student Profile System. Additional evidence is provided in Southeastern's Electronic Fact Book, and Southeastern's Semester Registration Reports maintained by Southeastern's Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. In the Fall 2003 semester, 15,662 students were enrolled in 68 different degree programs: 4 at the Associate Level, 46 at the Baccalaureate level, and 18 at the Masters level.

Document Location
Louisiana Board of Regents Preliminary Enrollment Report Fall 2003

Local Copy:

Louisiana Board of Regents Statewide Student Profile System, Institutional Summary Report, Fall 2003

Local Copy:

Institutional Research and Assessment Electronic Fact Book, Headcount Enrollment in Degree Programs by Full/Part Status
Semester Registration Report Fall 2003


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