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The institution has a clearly defined and published mission statement specific to the institution and appropriate to an institution of higher education, addressing teaching and learning and, where applicable, research and public service.



Southeastern is in compliance with Core Requirement 2.4.



The “role, mission, and scope” statement of every public university in the state was re-examined as part of a statewide review of higher education by the Louisiana Board of Regents in 2000 and 2001. The Master Plan for Public Postsecondary Education was approved by the Regents in spring 2001. The plan contains comprehensive goals and objectives for Louisiana higher education as a whole as well as an Admissions Criteria Framework intended “…to establish preparation expectations, to facilitate access for success, and to allow for the most efficient use of the state's and the student's resources.” (page 25)

The Plan document also contains the role, mission, and scope statement of each Louisiana public university. Southeastern's role, mission, and scope statement follows:

The mission of Southeastern Louisiana University is to lead the educational, economic, and cultural development of the southeast region of the state known as the Northshore. The university's educational programs are based on vital and evolving curricula that address emerging regional, national, and international priorities. Southeastern provides credit and non-credit educational experiences that emphasize challenging, relevant course content and innovative, effective delivery systems. Global perspectives are cultivated through programs that offer the opportunity to work and study abroad. Together, Southeastern and the community provide a broad array of cultural activities that complete the total educational experience.

The university promotes student success and retention as well as intellectual and personal growth through a variety of academic, social, vocational, and wellness programs. Southeastern embraces active partnerships that benefit faculty, students, and the region it serves. Collaborative efforts are varied and dynamic; range from local to global; and encompass education, business, industry, and the public sector. Of particular importance are partnerships that directly or indirectly contribute to economic renewal and diversification.

Southeastern is categorized as a SREB Four-Year 4 institution, as a Carnegie Master's College and University I, and as a COC/SACS Level IV institution. Southeastern will offer a wide range of baccalaureate programs and be committed to graduate education through the master's degree, offering graduate programs to meet regional/state needs. Southeastern will limit associate degree offerings to 2+2 programs, conduct research appropriate to academic programs offered and necessary for program accreditation, and implement, at a minimum, Selective III admissions criteria. Southeastern is located in Region II.

This role, mission, and scope statement addresses the role of Southeastern as a regional university and describes the variety of degree programs the University is authorized to award. It focuses on the University's role in providing relevant and current instruction through credit and non-credit offerings as well as learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom. Service to the region is noted, particularly through partnerships with others. The scope of appropriate research is also addressed.

The University's role, mission, and scope statement is published on page 38 in the University's General Catalogue, on the University's website, and in the various employee handbooks (Part I Section B). Thus faculty, staff, students, and external constituencies have access to this information.

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Louisiana Board of Regents Master Plan for Public Postsecondary Education: 2001

Local Copy:

University Role, Mission, and Scope Statement

General Catalogue 2003-2004, General Information
(see page 38)

Employee Handbooks, Part I Section B. Institutional Purpose


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