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Southeastern Louisiana University provides student support programs, services, and activities designed to promote student learning and enhance personal growth and development opportunities for students through a wide variety of units on campus. These programs, services, and activities are anchored in the mission and core values of Southeastern Louisiana University. Southeastern's mission, “to lead the educational, economic, and cultural development of Southeast Louisiana” is supported by Southeastern's Vision 2005, which outlines six strategic priorities devised by a team of individuals from across the campus. These six strategic priorities serve as a guide for the University and are designed to make Southeastern a stronger, more effective, and relevant university for students. Each priority has a relevant vision statement, which is outlined in Vision 2005. The institution is committed to
  • Recruit, advance, and graduate qualified students
  • Address change in a new community of learners through effective instruction and relevant curricula
  • Foster the development and effective utilization of faculty and staff
  • Strengthen collaboration and partnerships in internal and external communities
  • Enhance and utilize the physical and technological infrastructure
  • Increase, diversify, and effectively manage funding

Consistent with the University's mission and strategic priorities, two recently developed plans guide many of Southeastern's existing and planned support programs, services, and activities. The Southeastern Louisiana University Retention and Progression Plan 2003-2004, in addition to the Southeastern Louisiana University Marketing/Recruitment Plan, focuses on improving graduation rates and enrolling more academically prepared students, among other objectives. Supporting these objectives are critical programs, services, and activities that are designed to

  • Improve on-campus quality housing
  • Ameliorate first-year experiences
  • Instill pride in students
  • Enhance student support services
  • Foster co-curricular experiences

Programs and Services for Prospective Students
Consistent with the above initiatives, Southeastern firmly believes that development and learning begins prior to arrival at the University. Accordingly, the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid in collaboration with other campus departments provides opportunities for prospective students to learn much about life at Southeastern with programs, services, and activities such as

  • Financial Aid Night
  • Freshman Fair
  • Junior Day
  • Literary Rally/Rock N Roar
  • Open House
  • Scholars Showcase
  • Senior Day
  • Wooden Boat Festival Showcase

All of these events are designed to offer students a brief introduction to life on campus, to set proper expectations among future students, and to aid students through the college application process. This is accomplished by skilled counselors who help with the application process, provide campus tours, offer scholarship, work-study and TOPS (Louisiana's Tuition Opportunity Programs for Students) information, and advise future students about financial aid. As well, most of these activities include a browse session that includes academic and non-academic university departments. Browse sessions allow students to explore detailed information about a particular area of interest with representatives from other campus departments.

Perhaps the most important of these activities is the required Orientation Program. Orientation, initially, is a two-part program that gives students an opportunity to become more acquainted with Southeastern. Students are introduced to University services, polices, advising requirements and registration procedures at this time. Southeastern's history is shared with incoming freshmen, and students are offered an option to take placement tests. Freshman orientation is extended throughout the first semester with the assistance of the College of General Studies. Through use of the University's Blackboard system to coordinate this important experience, freshmen are required to complete a series of on-line exercises, attend several campus events, and share their experiences with others.

Programs and Services for Currently Enrolled Students –
Academic Affairs
Once on-board, students are provided many opportunities to grow and develop in the academic arena and outside the classroom. In this regard, the Division of Academic Affairs provides many services and programs that are important to student learning and success. These services, programs, and activities that complement in-class experiences include

  • Honors Program
    The University's Honors Program offers special opportunities, curricula and courses designed to interest capable students who desire a broad education combined with in-depth study related to their major. In doing so, the Honors Program provides courses at two levels: in the core curriculum and in more specialized upper-division tracks, available to every major.
  • Study Abroad Program
    The University's Study Abroad Program also provides opportunities for student growth and learning. Designed to enhance student perceptions of globalization, international relations, and multicultural encounters the program offers students opportunities to study abroad in several settings. Recently, the Student Government Association allocated funds to provide scholarships for this purpose to eligible students. Countries included in Southeastern's Study Abroad Program are Austria, Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, Honduras, and Italy.
  • Foreign Language Resource Center
    The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures maintains its Foreign Language Resource Center for students engaged in foreign language study. This facility offers a Tandberg Multimedia Lab, student computers, satellite television programs in three languages, listening practice, books, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Math Drop-In Tutoring Lab
    The Department of Mathematics maintains a Math Drop-In Tutoring Lab for students of College Algebra through Calculus I. The lab, located in Fayard Hall, is open Monday through Friday and offers videos, tutorials, and personal tutoring.
  • Southeastern Louisiana University Writing Center
    The Southeastern Louisiana University Writing Center, maintained by the Department of English, is a peer tutorial and computer resource center dedicated to the writing needs of students, faculty, and other groups and individuals from across the university and local community. The Center operates at no cost to students and offers useful strategies for generating ideas or for revising and editing papers, writing resumes, cover letters, help with graduate school applications, and help with other academic and personal writing skills and needs.
    The University encourages students to broaden their research, creative and writing skills through a series of unique College based programs. Founded for students in the College of Arts and Sciences, OSCAR (Office of Student Creative Activities and Research), was the University's first program of this nature. OSCAR functions exclusively to provide grants for undergraduate students to conduct research and engage in creative ventures with faculty members. All undergraduate students in good standing are eligible and are encouraged to participate. OSCAR has served as a model for similar programs that have been instituted in the College of Business and Technology (PROFIT), College of Nursing and Health Studies (SOAR) and the College of Education and Human Development (SURE).

The Division of Academic Affairs also oversees several student support programs, activities, and services that are vital to overall student success, including

  • Linus A. Sims Memorial Library
    The Linus A. Sims Memorial Library provides access to a collection of more than 370,000 print volumes and over 2,300 serial subscriptions, in addition to audio-visual and electronic resources, including full-text databases, e-books, and journal indexes. Also housed in the Library are a federal and Louisiana government document depository; the Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies, which includes special collections of regional interest; the Student Government Association (SGA) Computer Lab, three state-of-the-art classrooms for library instruction; and a coffee shop. Special services to students include 24/7 virtual reference, appointment based reference, interlibrary loan and document delivery, and adaptive computer software and equipment for patrons with disabilities.
  • Student Help Desk
    The Division's Office of Technology provides a Student Help Desk for all enrolled students. The mission of the Help Desk is to provide technology information and assistance to Southeastern students. The area assists those in need with respect to email, web mail, Blackboard, and LEONet use. The Office of Technology also oversees sixty computer labs that serve Southeastern's students.
  • Office of Veteran Services
    The Office of Veteran Services works with students seeking or receiving benefits through the Veterans Administration. Veterans must be in compliance with Veterans Administration regulations and make satisfactory progress towards a degree or certification.
  • Office of Testing
    The Office of Testing is the assessment center for several student-testing needs. The office, from time-to-time, offers national tests such as
    • ACT
    • NTE (Praxis)
    • LSAT
    • MCAT 
    • NBCC  

    All math and English placement tests are administered and scored during orientation by the Testing Office. Major Field Achievement tests are administered through this office in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment and academic departments. The Testing Office provides extended time for test-taking, separate rooms, and readers and/or scribes for students requiring such services under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  

  • Vera W. Thomason Health Center
    The Vera W. Thomason Health Center, under the direction of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, provides any student enrolled in four or more hours with free health care and first aid. Physicians visit the health center daily for appointed clinic hours to diagnose and treat minor illnesses. Various vaccines are available to students, faculty, and staff, including the flu vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, and the immunization for meningococcal meningitis. The Vera W. Thomason Health Center also oversees
    • Student Immunization Policy
    • Student Health Insurance
    • Health emergencies
  • Career and Academic Planning Center (CAP)
    The Career and Academic Planning Center (CAP), located in the College of General Studies, is designed to help students explore occupational options. The CAP center is primarily designed for
    • Freshman/sophomore students deciding on college majors
    • Students who have not declared a major
    • Students experiencing academic difficulties or having concerns about continuing with a chosen major
    • Students needing academic or career assistance
    • Students needing assistance in making sound career and academic decisions
  • Department of General Studies
    The Department of General Studies, located in the College of General Studies, offers several success courses such as Career Planning 104 and Career Planning 304 that help students explore personal values and viable career options. In addition, the Department offers a Freshman Seminar course that is open to students with less than 30 hours. This course helps new students to explore University resources, get involved in campus life, improve study skills, investigate options for problem solving, and acquire important technological skills.
  • Student Enhancement Services
    Student Enhancement Services, located in the College of General Studies, provides tutoring assistance to students. Their services include
    • Academic Support Lab (ASL)
      The Academic Support Lab provides academic assistance to students enrolled at Southeastern through scheduled tutoring, skill-building workshops, and one-on-one academic support. Any Southeastern student may come to the lab and sign up for available services.
    • Student Resource Center (SRC)
      The Student Resource Center is a place where students can enhance their learning and study skills. Computer tutorials are available for students and academic and personal workshops are presented at various times throughout the semester.
    • Athletic Academic Center Lab (AACL)
      The Athletic Academic Center Lab was established to provide student-athletes with a unique place to study and receive academic support and tutoring.
    • Supplemental Instruction (SI)
      Supplemental Instruction is an academic assistance program designed to increase student performance and retention in high-risk and traditionally difficult courses. SI leaders attend all classes, take notes, and read all of the assigned material. In addition, they facilitate regularly scheduled, out-of-class instructional sessions that integrate how-to-learn with what-to-learn.
  • TRIO Programs
    Vital to growth and development of future and current students, TRIO Programs are federally-funded programs designed to assist young people in overcoming social, economic, and cultural barriers to attending college. TRIO programs disseminate and replicate proven and demonstrated services and best practices for student participants. TRIO programs include
    • Educational Talent Search Programs
      Educational Talent Search Programs serve young people in grades six through twelve. In addition to counseling, participants receive information about college admissions requirements, scholarships, and various student financial aid programs. Early intervention is intended to assist families with annual incomes under $24,000 (where neither parent holds a college degree) to better understand educational opportunities and options.
    • Upward Bound
      Upward Bound helps students from families with incomes under $24,000 prepare for higher education. Participants receive instruction in literature, composition, mathematics, and science on the college campus after school, on Saturday, and during the summer months. Upward Bound Math/Science deals specifically with strengthening math and science skills with this same population. Veterans Upward Bound provides intensive basic skills development for military veterans to help them transition successfully into postsecondary education.
    • Student Support Services (SSS)
      Student Support Services provide academic assistance to eligible Southeastern students. Students are provided with academic, career, personal, graduate school, and financial aid counseling, along with skill and content tutoring. Students are provided with academic, career, personal, graduate school, and financial aid counseling, along with skill and content tutoring. Workshops are held throughout the semester on such topics as math anxiety, resume writing, and study skills.

Programs and Services for Currently Enrolled Students –
Student Affairs

The University's Division of Student Affairs maintains the primary responsibility for many non-academic student support programs. The Division of Student Affairs encourages all students to “get involved” as out-of-class experiences can be just as rewarding as those garnered in-class. Student Affairs “enhances growth of Southeastern students and fosters pride in the institution through the provision of superior campus services, meaningful opportunities for student development, and maintenance of a safe campus” (Division of Student Affairs Mission Statement). Student Affairs works collaboratively with numerous campus departments and has developed partnerships with community agencies and area businesses in providing its services.

The Division of Student Affairs provides support programs, services, and activities in various areas, including the following:
  • Campus Activities Board (CAB)
    The Campus Activities Board (CAB) provides a direct avenue to out-of-class activities for students. CAB sponsors outdoor entertainment as well as lectures by prominent speakers throughout the academic calendar. Student-centered events include, but are not limited to
    • Miss Southeastern Pageant
    • Drive-in Movie Nights
    • Strawberry Jubilee
    • Gumbo Ya Ya
    • Homecoming Events
    • Jam the Jungle
  • Office of Leadership Development/Student Activities
    The Office of Leadership Development/Student Activities is designed to help students discover and develop their leadership abilities. This office offers unique opportunities for students at all levels of leadership training. Opportunities for student participation in leadership workshops are numerous:
    • LEAD Retreat
    • Grad Fair
    • ExCel Scholarships
    • Student Development Program
    • Emerging Leaders Experience

  • Office of Career Services
    The Office of Career Services offers a wide variety of student services, including career counseling and job placement assistance services. The office provides assistance in composing professional-quality resumes, fine-tuning interviewing skills, and developing strategies and options for seeking employment.
    With the utilization of eRecruiting , the department's job placement software system, students can access job opportunities and internships from any computer. Their corporate-like facility houses interview rooms, a videoconference facility and a state-of-the-art computer lab that provides students with many tools to assist in full-time and part-time job searches.

  • Office of Disability Services
    The Office of Disability Services is committed to making students with disabilities full participants in its programs, services, and activities through its compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. The office coordinates services and accommodations for students with disabilities and also serves as an information center concerning disability-related issues. The University is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to students by minimizing the impact of functional limitations upon their academic and non-academic lives.
  • Office of Multicultural/International Student Affairs
    The Office of Multicultural/International Student Affairs works to create a campus environment that encourages and welcomes diversity. In cooperation with academic departments, student-led organizations and other student support units, the office coordinates a wide range of programs and services. These activities are designed to assist all students in achieving academic success and promoting growth through self-direction, independence, and interdependence. Some of the activities seek to broaden the perspectives of students as well as teach and celebrate new cultures and diverse ways of thinking. These programs include but are not limited to
    • International Student Host Program
    • Black History Month Celebration
    • Minority Seminar
    • Let's Get Acquainted Program
    • Project PULL Mentor Program
    • African American Achievement Ceremony
    • Southeastern Black Student Leadership Conference
    • International Week

  • Office of Recreational Sports and Wellness
    The Office of Recreational Sports and Wellness provides opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to participate in wellness programs and scheduled competitive activities. This area oversees intramural sports and organized sports clubs, offers regularly scheduled fitness classes, and houses informal drop-in recreational programs. Although the 82,000 square foot Pennington Student Activity Center is the center for many of these activities, the Office also provides recreational and competitive activities at North Oak Park, a collaborative endeavor between Southeastern Louisiana University and the City of Hammond. North Oak Park features four softball fields, a paved fitness track, playground, and picnic area.
  • Office of Student Organizations/Greek Life
    At Southeastern, the Office of Student Organizations/Greek Life plays an integral part in campus life and provides opportunities for students to integrate knowledge from the classroom with everyday experiences of living and working in a society with people of varied interests, ideas, and values. A student organization is a group of students joined together in pursuit of a common purpose, which supports the mission, goals, and core values of Southeastern Louisiana University and is guided by a lawful constitution. There are over 80 active student organizations on Southeastern's campus categorized under the following areas:
    • Departmental
    • Honor Societies
    • Service
    • Religious
    • Special Interest
    • Sports
    • Judicial/Governing Councils
    • Greek Organizations
  • Student Government Association (SGA)
    The Student Government Association (SGA) allows Southeastern students to participate in a setting that provides valuable experience in dealing with decision-making processes, individuals, groups, finances, etc. Operated solely by students, participants learn first-hand the workings of the democratic process in each of its four branches: Senate, Cabinet, Executive, and Supreme Court.
    The SGA provides valuable services to its students. Its capital outlay program has provided approximately $500,000 in the past five years for improvements to the campus (benches, landscaping, etc.). Additionally, the SGA offers students free legal aid services, emergency loans, organizational grants, and a recently instituted Study Abroad Scholarship program.
  • Office of Student Publications
    The Office of Student Publications produces a weekly campus newspaper (The Lion's Roar) and the annual student yearbook (Le Souvenir). These publications afford opportunities for students to learn and improve writing skills, editing skills, photography, and desktop publishing skills. In doing so, they provide the campus community a forum for the expression of ideas and opinions and dissemination of important campus information.
  • University Counseling Center (UCC)
    The University Counseling Center (UCC) is accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc. and offers professional mental health counseling services to assist students with personal and/or social concerns. The UCC's professional staff is available to students on an individual or group basis, in addition to student organizations, faculty, and staff. In recognition that students need to cope with the stress and anxieties of university life, the UCC offers
    • Individual, group, marriage, and family counseling
    • A Board Certified Psychiatrist contracted to render medical psychiatric services to students who do not have health insurance
    • Services with a local family practice medical clinic for those students who need psychotropic medications and do not have health insurance
    • Licensed mental health counselors on-call after hours, on weekends, and during holidays for emergencies
    • Collaborative services with Project Safe Campus by offering a safe group setting for discussion of suicide prevention, surviving suicide by a friend or family member, and numerous other prevention programs
    • Training center/internship opportunities for graduate students in counseling and psychology
  • Project Safe Campus (PSC)
    Project Safe Campus (PSC) is a university wide initiative that is housed within the Division of Student Affairs. PSC began in Spring 2003 in response to a growing concern among parents and students across the nation regarding issues of security and safety on college campuses. It is designed to raise awareness on issues of student safety. Program offerings are based on student response, assessment, and need. Educational, prevention, and support programs presently offered include, but are not limited to
    • Sexual assault and rape prevention
    • Suicide prevention
    • Domestic violence prevention
    • Alcohol and other drug abuse prevention
    • Suicide survivors support group
    • Eating disorders
    • STD's, HIV, and prevention of other diseases

  • Office of Judicial Affairs
    The Office of Judicial Affairs is responsible for overseeing and implementing the Student Code of Conduct. Rather than operating solely as a disciplinary arm of the University, the Chief Judicial Officer and staff are committed, where possible, to educating those who participate in the judicial process by focusing on student growth and learning.
  • Auxiliary Services
    Auxiliary Services, another area within the Division of Student Affairs, offers a variety of services to students, as well as faculty and staff, which add convenience and enjoyment to campus life.
    • Campus Card Operations
      Auxiliary Services oversees Southeastern's Campus Card Operations, which issues identification (ID) cards to students, faculty, and staff. ID cards can be used to access the campus debit card program (Lion's Lagniappe), vending machines, photocopy machines, campus dining facilities, as well as campus laundry machines. The ID card is also utilized to gain entrance to the Pennington Student Activity Center, athletic events, and other university sponsored activities. In accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, the Southeastern ID card must be carried at all times.       
    • The Document Source
      Working with the Xerox Corporation, the University provides campus copier and print services for students, faculty and staff. The Document Source offers a full service copy center located in the Student Union, and satellite copy machines throughout the campus provide access to self-copying services. The Document Source works in collaboration with the University Bookstore and Southeastern faculty in providing supplementary readings for academic courses.
    • Campus Dining Services
      Campus Dining Services, operated by ARAMARK, offers a full array of dining possibilities for students. Students are provided dining alternatives such as a full board plan for residents, a commuter meal plan, and individual cash sales. Fast food giants like Subway, Chick-fil-A, and Burger King are represented on campus, in addition to many ARAMARK brands and the Cayman Café, all of which provide the campus community with full dining options. Two coffee shops are also operated for the campus community.
    • Student Housing and Residential Services
      Student Housing and Residential Services oversees an on-campus living environment that enhances student educational, social, and personal development. The University operates several “traditional” residence halls, including an honors dormitory; Southeastern Oaks, an apartment-like complex for upper class students; and the Village, which contains ten organizational homes. The University recently announced a $55 million upgrade to its residential infrastructure that will see the demolition of many of its older buildings, renovation of Cardinal Newman Hall (the honors dormitory), and construction of several new buildings to meet the needs of today's students.
    • War Memorial Student Union
      The War Memorial Student Union provides services and conveniences for all members of the Southeastern community. The Student Union offers meeting spaces, ATM machines, a full service post office, the Document Source (campus copy center), the University Bookstore, and numerous eateries operated by Campus Dining Services.
    • Textbook Rental
      Southeastern's Textbook Rental system offers students considerable savings by making available most required textbooks on a rental basis. Students are also offered the option to purchase these books;, but by renting, Southeastern students save between $200-$500 per semester.
    • University Bookstore
      Complementing the rental system is a full-service retail bookstore operated by Follett. The University Bookstore offers students and others a large selection of new and used textbooks, computer software, cap and gown rentals, class ring purchases, Southeastern clothing and gift items, CD's, and convenience store items.
    • Post Office
      The Post Office is a sub-station branch of the City of Hammond United States Postal Service. Students, faculty, staff, departments, and alumni may rent post office boxes, purchase stamps, complete money orders, mail packages and more without having to leave campus.
  • University Police Department (UPD)
    Southeastern's University Police Department (UPD) is dedicated to providing a safe, secure, and crime-free environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The UPD provides 24-hour patrol protection for the campus, including parking areas and residence halls. UPD also offers an after-dark escort service to students, faculty, and staff upon request.
    All University Police Department officers are fully commissioned and are committed to providing the highest level of professional law enforcement, safety, crime prevention, and community service on the university campus. Many officers are trained in the areas of response to domestic violence, sexual assault, date rape, and suicide attempts. In addition, the UPD serves as first responders to emergency situations, and officers are trained in the use of Automatic External Difibulator (AED) equipment.
    As part of their community education efforts, Southeastern's University Police Department works in collaboration with the Office of the District Attorney, 21st Judicial Court, in offering a Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) course at least once per semester to interested female students. In a similar role, UPD personnel work closely with Project Safe Campus initiatives. In compliance with the Clery Act, the UPD maintains Campus Crime Statistics.

Programs and Services for Currently Enrolled Students - Athletics
One final student support program/service provided by Southeastern that contributes to student growth is the University's Department of Athletics. This NCAA-accredited program provides men and women opportunities to experience NCAA Division I athletic competition while pursuing their academic dreams. The sixteen sports in which student athletes can compete are football, men's and women's basketball, baseball, softball, golf, soccer, tennis, cross country (men and women), indoor and outdoor track and field (men and women).


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