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Strengthening Learning Through Academic Advising:
Southeastern's Student Advising Center and Academic Mentoring Program


Executive Summary
A summary of what Southeastern hopes to accomplish with its Quality Enhancement Plan, including a description of the total intake model.

Institutional Mission and Goals
Southeastern's mission and strategic plan.

Statement of Need
Evidence and data supporting the need to improve academic advising and student learning at Southeastern.

Operational Definitions and Assumptions in Southeastern's Quality Enhancement Plan
Definitions of pertinent terms and assumptions used by the Quality Enhancement Plan Team in the development of Southeastern's Quality Enhancement Plan.

A New Vision for Academic Advising at Southeastern: A Hypothetical Illustration
Hypothetical illustrations of how Southeastern's student advising center and academic mentoring program will strengthen student learning.

Situation Analysis and History
A description of Southeastern's current state of academic advising, events leading to academic advising being selected as Southeastern's Quality Enhancement Plan, and a history of the work of Southeastern's Institute for Teaching and Professional Enhancement and the Quality Enhancement Plan Team.

Proposed Organizational Structure for Leadership
A description of the physical and organizational structure of Southeastern's Center for Student Excellence, organizational structure of the Academic Advising Office and Faculty Mentoring Program; position descriptions of the Center's Director, Senior Advisors, Advisors, Undergraduate Program Coordinators and Faculty Mentors.

Project Goals
The overall goals and expected results of Southeastern's Quality Enhancement Plan.

Timeline for implementing Southeastern's Quality Enhancement Plan.

Key Strategies
Key strategies, when implemented successfully, will lead to accomplishment of Southeastern's Quality Enhancement Plan project goals.

Action Plans
Action plans define the specific activities needed to accomplish the key strategies. Each action plan contains a description, timetable, responsibility, resources needed, and methodology for evaluation of results.

Summary of Resources Needed for Implementation
A summary of staff, physical, and fiscal resources needed to implement Action Plans.

Summary of Costs and Revenues
A summary of total costs of Southeastern's Quality Enhancement Plan to the operating budget, taking into account new and re-allocated dollars, as well as cost savings realized by increased recruitment, retention, and graduation of better prepared students.

Appendix A: Campus-wide Participation in Southeastern's Quality Enhancement Plan
Appendix B: Bibliography - A list of resources used by the Quality Enhancement Plan Team
Appendix C: Director of the Center for Student Excellence

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