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Academic Affairs Policy 2.16
Statewide General Education Requirements

The Board of Regents accepts fully the commonly accepted premise that graduates of similar undergraduate degree programs should attain a broad-based common educational experience. The most appropriate method to ensure that such occurs among students at state colleges and universities is through mandated statewide general education requirements (see Attachment IV - Statewide General Education Requirements).

  1. Goals

    Specifically, the goals of these statewide general education requirements are that undergraduate program completers, depending on the respective degree level, shall attain appropriate competencies, as follows:

    • to communicate effectively in oral and written English;
    • to read with comprehension;
    • to reason abstractly and think critically;
    • to understand numerical data and statistics;
    • to understand the scientific method;
    • to be familiar with key technological and informational applications;
    • to learn independently;
    • to recognize and appreciate cultural diversity;
    • to understand the nature and value of the fine and performing arts;
    • to develop a personal value system while retaining a tolerance for others; and
    • to understand the American political and economic system.

  2. Coherence with Requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

    In addition to specific of this policy, all applicable general education requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges shall apply.

  3. Effective Date

    This policy shall become effective immediately upon approval by the Board of Regents. For all academic programs already in existence or for which proposals have been submitted to the Board of Regents, affected colleges and universities shall have three years from the date of Regentsí approval of this policy to come into compliance.

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