Kyle Piller

Curator of Vervebrates, Edward G. Schlieder Foundation Professor of Environmental Studies and Sustainability, and Graduate Coordinator

Phone:+1 (985) 549-2191 | Fax: +1 (985) 549-3851 | | Dr. Piller's website

Research Interests:Systematics, evolution, ecology, and conservation genetics of North American freshwater fishes, Mexican fishes

James Erdmann

Collection Manager – Herpetology

Phone: +1 (985) 549-2901 |

Research Interests: Animal behavior | evolution | ecology | natural history | herpetology

Bio: After taking a liking to biology his freshman year of college, James became involved in scientific research and never looked back. From wading through ponds to catch invasive Bullfrogs, to trapping kangaroo rats in the Wyoming Basin, James found a passion in biological research and the outdoors. During his undergraduate career at Laramie County Community College (Cheyenne, WY) and the University of Wyoming (Laramie, WY), James was involved in several research projects and recieved multiple grants and fellowships in part to travel the state and study Wyoming's frogs. He has continued on this taxonomic trajectory and is working on his master's thesis studying Louisiana's most charismatic toad species, the Gulf Coast Toad.

Courtney Weyand

Collection Manager – Ichthyology

Phone: +1 (985) 549-3009 |

Research Interests: Ichthyology | Phylogenetics


Research Associates

Brian Crother

Edward G. Schlieder Foundation Professor, Assistant Dean | Dr. Crother's Google Scholar Page

Research Interests: Evolution from a phylogenetic perspective | historical biogeography | historical ecology | patterns of gene evolution | patterns of species evolution | methodology and philosophy of phylogenetic analysis | survey work for the accumulation of long term data for amphibian and reptile populations in local wetlands

Clifford Fontenot, Jr.

Instructor of Biological Sciences | Dr. Fontenot's recent publications

Research Interests: Behavior, conservation, and evolutionary ecology of amphibians and reptiles | Long-term (2003-present) wetlands snake assemblage study in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin | Evolution of vision in snakes

Christopher Beachy

Professor of Biological Sciences, Department Head | Dr. Beachy's website

Research Interests: Life history biology | Amphibian metamorphosis

David Sever

Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences | Dr. Sever's Google Scholar Page

Research Interests: Secondary sexual characters of salamanders, including the anatomy, function, and evolution of their skin glands and cloacal glands | Histology | Morphology and phylogeny of sperm storage and other aspects of urogenital systems

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