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Kimberly Foster
Undergraduate Researcher/Ichthyology
Ph. (985) 549-2901

Bio: Kim is an SELU senior who has found her niche in the study of aquatic vertebrate life. Funded by a National Science Foundation grant, Kim is a regular face in the fish collection where she collects geometric morphometric data, from fish families ranging from Atherinopsidae, Cyprinidae, and Goodeidae and she hopes to one day include all families in her studies. She does this examining and photographing one specimen at a time. Kim's research is collaborative; with graduate students and with the museum's curator, Dr. Kyle Piller. As an incoming freshman, Kim was an avid fossil hunter,full of questions about patterns in nature and all of freshwater diversity. Kim says that the experience of taking "Sea Turtle Biology" in Costa Rica is what inspired her to dive headfirst into the study of evolution. When she's not in the museum, Kim can usually be seen hunting for fossils, running around campus, and reading books or journal articles on freshwater fish and the philosophy of science.


Dr. Kyle Piller
Associate Professor & Curator of Vertebrates
Ph. 985-549-2191; Fax 985-549-3851

Research Interests: Systematics, evolution, ecology, and conservation genetics of North American freshwater fishes, Mexican fishes

K. Piller's website


Southeastern Louisiana University Vertebrate Museum
Department of Biological Sciences; SLU 10736; Hammond, LA 70402 USA;

Danielle Wasserman
Herpetology Collection Manager
Ph. (985) 549-2901

Bio: Prior to arriving at SELU, Danielle was an intern in the herpetology collection at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago for over a year, where she focused on osteological specimens and kept a dermestid beetle colony in her apartment. At the FMNH, Danielle independently restored dozens of mounted skeletons, some of which are currently exhibited in the US and Canada. Danielle began collecting her own specimens at an early age, picking up momentum in college. Danielle earned a BA of Biology at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY. At Hartwick, Danielle studied under amphibian evo-devo expert, Dr. Stan K. Sessions who advised her on multiple directed studies, all of which involved herpetology, museum science or both. Danielle studied biology abroad in Costa Rica and the Bahamas and accumulated over 200 volunteer hours in the biology building on campus. In the early years and outside of school, Danielle logged a few hundred hours at each; the Connecticut Audubon Society, Earthplace Nature Center, an exotic pet store and the Ashton Biodiversity Research & Preservation Institute in Florida. After a long tradition of exchanging labor for the opportunity to be close to what fascinates her, she is currently living the dream as a funded grad student who is charged with caring for the rich, exciting and ever-expanding research collection right here at SELU.


Danielle Wasserman's Website

Kenzie Bozeman
Collections Technician
Ph. (985) 549-2901

Bio: Kenzie is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She studied Biology at Louisiana State University receiving her B.S. degree in 2008. Prior to her arrival at SELU, Kenzie worked for the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality as an environmental scientist specializing in environmental compliance and air quality. Kenzie is also a herp' enthusiast, spending much of her free time in search of amphibian and reptile species. She can often be seen by a lake's edge observing aggregations of water snakes or peaking in ditches for a hopeful glimpse of a shy Amphiuma. She is currently working toward her M.S. in Biological Science studying the skin glands of the Three-toed Amphiuma, Amphiuma tridactylum and the inhibitory effects of their skin secretions against the notorious amphibian chytrid fungus, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis.


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