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Dr. Kyle Piller
Professor of Biological Sciences & Museum Curator
Phone: +1 (985) 549-2191; Fax: +1 (985) 549-3851

Research Interests: Systematics, evolution, ecology, and conservation genetics of North American freshwater fishes, Mexican fishes

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James Erdmann
Collection Manager – Herpetology
Phone: +1 (985) 549-2901 Email:

Research Interests: Animal behavior, evolution, ecology, natural history, herpetology

Bio: After taking a liking to biology his freshman year of college, James became involved in scientific research and never looked back. From wading through ponds to catch invasive Bullfrogs, to trapping kangaroo rats in the Wyoming Basin, James found a passion in biological research and the outdoors. During his undergraduate career at Laramie County Community College (Cheyenne, WY) and the University of Wyoming (Laramie, WY), James was involved in several research projects and recieved multiple grants and fellowships in part to travel the state and study Wyoming's frogs. He has continued on this taxonomic trajectory and is working on his master's thesis studying Louisiana's most charismatic toad species, the Gulf Coast Toad.

Courtney Weyand
Collection Manager – Ichthyology
Phone: +1 (985) 549-2901 Email:

Research Interests: Ichthyology,


Outstanding Undergraduates

Leyna Warren
Rachael Meza
Seth Walker
Selena Brown
Grace Cole
Austin George

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