Society for Chemistry Undergraduate Majoring Students

Joining SCUMS

If you are interested in joining SCUMS, please print out an application, and either bring it to the next meeting or email the or about it.

Requirements to Join

  1. be a registered student at Southeastern

  2. be (at least somewhat) interested in Chemistry and those who choose to study it

  3. fill out paperwork (application above) and pay initial fees (there's an initial fee and a semester fee; we have to have money somehow!) The new member fee is $10 and returning member fee is $5.


That's it! At this time, there's no points requirements or anything of that nature. Obviously, if you are going to go to the trouble of filling out the form and paying us the money, we would really like to have you come to our meetings and attend our events. It just makes it more fun for everyone.

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Who are SCUMS?

2012- 2013

SCUMS Officers

Elizabeth Kimball


Bijay Bhattaria

Vice President

Arjun Pandey


Sarju Adhikari


Farina Manandhar


Thomas Sommerfeld

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sommerfeld’s



We need officers to keep the club going. All the fun activities and opportunities are only available if people are willing to step forward and run the club. None of the positions are too time-consuming (although if you know you are going to have a particularly hectic semester, maybe you should wait). You only have to a member for one semester prior to running for office, and are encouraged to be a member of ACS.


The president is the officer that conducts the meetings, sets the dates of meetings if the normal schedule conflicts with school dates, appoints members to committees, and is generally the first point of contact between the club and the faculty, as well as other clubs and people from Southeastern and Hammond (before passed on to the VP). The president also keeps the faculty advisor up to date on everything that the club is currently doing.


The vice-president is in charge of all advertising, both for meeting and events. The vice-president also in the main point of contact when coordinating for events and/or trips. In the event that the president can't show up for a meeting, the VP will lead the meeting.


The treasurer is the officer that maintains our financial records. The treasurer keeps track of the bank card, receipts, expenditures, etc, and is responsible for being able to give an accurate idea of the amount in our bank account to the other officers at any time. The treasurer is also responsible for collecting and maintaining records (with the secretary) of the members who have paid their semester dues.


The secretary is the officer who maintains all our paperwork (sign in sheets, new member forms, etc) and the member roster, keeps copies of the originals if needed, and makes changes to any official paperwork, such as the bylaws. In addition, the secretary fills out the beginning of the semester paperwork for Southeastern and the end-of-semester report for ACS. The secretary also keeps the minutes at the meetings (basically, just a record of what was said, decisions made, volunteers, etc).


The historian is the officer who is supposed to prove that we actually do stuff. They record as much as they can in pictures, such as events and meetings, and at the end of the semester, make a "memory book" of some type, be it a slide show, an actual memory book with pictures printed out, or something of that nature, to be decided by the historian and other officers at the beginning of the semester. If possible, the historian, in conjunction with the secretary, should maintain the club website.


The webmaster, while not an officer per se, is the one charged with maintaining the website and mailing list. Updates are required at least once a month, for the members to stay up-to-date on what is going on.

Current webmaster:


The meetings are a great opportunity to get together with your fellow SCUMS members and relax. At the meetings, we discuss upcoming events, plan activities, and generally hang out. Check the SCUMS calendar for the Spring 2011 meeting times. Sometimes food is available for those members who are up to date on their dues (all the more reason to pay the measly semester fee!).


We know that coordinating schedules between all of the students members is impossible, and the meetings may be scheduled for a time that you can't attend. We still want to you to be up to date with what's going on, so we have the meeting agendas and any minutes from the meetings posted here. If you have any questions about what's going on, feel free to contact any of the officers. Can’t make the meetings but still want to be kept in the loop? Request to be added to the SCUMS mailing list.