Beta Class History

The Fall 2003 semester kicked off with a whole new set of officers:

  • President: Lynsi Brown

  • Vice President: Jessica Flick

  • Secretary: Amy Tschiggfrie

  • Treasurer: Michelle Guillot

  • Historian: Torry Sanborn

  • Parlimentarian: Mike Lazarine

  • Initiate Advisor: Monica Crowe and Theo Oster

  • Recruitement Advisor: Maggie Stire

  • Faculty Advisor: Sarah Schillage

  • Chairs:

    • Service: Maggie Stire

    • Academic: Monica Crowe

    • Social: Jessica Haydel --> Jessica Flick

    • Fundraising: Jodi Conrad


Summer Retreat 2003


The brothers held a retreat over the summer and also coordinated the first banner displaying the chapter mascot, a phoenix!

Pictured to the right is Torry Sanborn (Alpha) who was the main artist behind the banner and Amy Tschiggfrie (Charter) who is helping fill in the feathers.

The Fall yielded a large initiate class. The various recruitement activities included a pool party at Kleibert's, bowling at Tangi Lanes, and a closed rush fish fry at Bubba Sisung's house. Pinning took place in Fayard Hall. Elections were held and the following were chosen to be initiate class officers:

Brothers wait to Help Out Residents moving into Cardinal Newman (The Honors Dorm).

Brothers set up a Table in the Union to answer questions asked by Prospective Initiaties.

Left to Right: Torry Sanborn (Alpha), Amy Tschiggfrie (Charter), Monica Crowe (Alpha), Lynsi Brown (Charter), Jessica Flick (Alpha)

Bowling at Tangi Lanes

Left to Right: Lynsi Brown (Charter) with Theo Oster (Charter) take a break from the books to glance at the camera.

Bowling at Tangi Lanes

Shashi Persaud (a future Beta) smiles at the camera after taking his shot at the pins.

Bowling at Tangi Lanes

Jessica Flick (Alpha) runs to the lane for her turn as Justin Kittrell (future Beta) looks on.

Bowling at Tangi Lanes

Maggie Stire (Charter) smiles with a prospective brother.

Closed Rush: Fish Fry at Bubba Sisung's (Alpha)

Left to Right: Amy Tschiggfrie (Charter), Lynsi Brown (Charter) with two prospective brothers, Torry Sanborn (Alpha), and another prospective member

Closed Rush: Fish Fry at Bubba Sisung's (Alpha)

Left to Right: Jessica Flick (Alpha), Torry Sanborn (Alpha), Monica Crowe (Alpha), and prospective member

Pinning the Betas

Brandee Morgan (Beta) smiles for the Camera and enjoys presents from her big!

  • President: Shashi Persuad

  • Vice President: Cheri Tomkins

  • Secretary: Brandi Hock


Initiate Education Meetings for the Betas!

Initiate education meetings were held on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm in Fayard Hall. The initiate service event was a clothes drive for Goodwill; the social event was dinner at Sicily's; a visit to the library to view art exhibits fulfilled the academic obligation; and a raffle was held for their fundraiser--a dinner/movie for 2 which was won by Jessica Flick. The national exam was held in Fayard Hall.

With this initiate class came the first ever big/little night. The following were paired up (littles/bigs):

The fundraising activities during the Fall were football games held from August to November. The social activities held by the brothers during the semester included a pizza party, dinner at La Carretta's following Pinning and dinner at La Caretta's following Induction on December 14, 2003 at 8:00 pm. A food drive was held in the Union during  November 2003 to  fulfill the service requirement; the chapter made a visit to Global Wildlife in Folsom during October for their academic event.

Fundraising: Football Games

Left to Right: ?, Lynsi Brown (Charter), Amy Tschiggfrie (Charter) try to stay cool in the Sardine Can.

Fundraising: Football Games

Jessica Flick (Alpha) helps serve customers to the stand.

Fundraising: Football Games

Torry Sanborn (Alpha) and ? work the tent in the back.

Social: Dinner at La Carettas

Brothers and Initiates alike get together for dinner.

Left to Right: Torry Sanborn (Alpha), Shashi Persaud (Beta), Jessica Flick (Alpha)

Social: Dinner at La Carettas

Left to Right: Cleon ?, Brandi Hock (Beta), Nicole LeBlanc (Beta), ?, Brandee Morgan (Beta), Theo Oster (Charter), Monica Crowe (Alpha), Stephanie Cadro (Beta), ?, ?, David Gravois (Beta)

Social: Painting the Letters

Brothers get together to get those stadium letters done!

A Visit from our Regional Consultant, Nicole Paulson

Social: Out Playing Pool with Nicole Paulson

Jessica Flick (Alpha) sets up the table while Nicole Paulson smiles for the camera.

Recruitment: Working the Tables in the Union

? talks to a prospective member while Monica Crowe (Alpha) and Cheri Thompson (Beta) wave at the camera.


Induction was held in Fayard Hall on December 14, 2004 at 7:00 pm. The following were inducted:

  • Stephanie Cadro

  • Melanie DeHart

  • David Gravois

  • Brandi Hock

  • Justin Kittrell

  • Mike Lazarine: Honorary

  • Nicole LeBlanc

  • Brandee Morgan

  • Shanna Mitchell

  • Fletcher Norheim

  • Shashi Persaud

  • Timothy Smith

  • Cheri Tompkins


Beta Class Induction

Top: Melanie DeHart, Justin Kittrell, Mike Lazarine, Fletcher Norheim, David Gravois, Tim Smith, Shashi Persaud

Bottom: Brandee Morgan, Cheri Thompson, Amanda Taylor, Nicole LeBlanc, Stephanie Cadro, Brandi Hock

Chapter History