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thinking at right angles linking lake factors hurricanes activity: subsidence and erosion activity: c-mail the pontchartrain picayune multimedia presentation help! i'm up to my hips in water!
chapter 8 introduction essential questions global climate change are sea levels rising?
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Multimedia Presentation


Develop a 5-10 minute multimedia presentation which evokes feelings of environmental appreciation or depicts environmental degradation in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin.


Use photographic slides, computer-generated slides, video, or pictures that portray your topic.

Select music or poetry that fits your theme.

Correlate video and audio components into a presentation.

Present your project to the class on the date assigned.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Essential Questions
  3. Global Climate Change
  4. Are Sea Levels Rising?
  5. Subsidence and Erosion in the Basin
  6. Activity: Thinking at Right Angles
  7. Activity: Linking Lake Factors
  8. Hurricanes
  9. Activity: Subsidence and Erosion
  10. Activity: C-Mail
  11. Activity: The Pontchartrain Picayune
  12. Activity: Multimedia Presentation
  13. Activity: Help! I'm Up to my Hips in Water!