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Classmate Mail

Journals are frequently used for students to practice reflective writing, but the entries are usually only seen by the student writer and his /her teacher. In this activity we will try another form of reflective writing, in which students communicate their thoughts or feelings about a topic of relevance to them in the form of a note or letter to a classmate. Let’s call it “C-Mail”.


  • Box with lid, covered and decorated
  • Writing paper


  1. Have students design a form that can be used for C-Mail. Print enough copies to have plenty on hand for all students!
  2. Each student writes and receives C-Mail messages on thoughts or feelings associated with the issues they’ve studied concerning the Lake Pontchartrain Basin.
  3. Fold each note and write the name of the recipient on the outside before placing it in the box.
  4. Designate a certain time of the day for reading and writing C-Mail.
  5. Remind students that they are not to send personal messages about anything other
    than the designated topic(s).


  • One thing I learned is......
  • One question I have is.....
  • I would like to .........
  • This connects with what we learned about.....
  • The best part is......
  • I (am, am not) prepared for a major hurricane, because.....
  • Auto emissions are largely responsible for increasing amounts of
  • CO2 in the atmosphere. I can help reduce those numbers by ......
  • What other starter statements can you add?

none for this page

Herons can fly at speeds of 20-30 mph.

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  8. Hurricanes
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  10. Activity: C-Mail
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