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chapter 8 introduction essential questions global climate change are sea levels rising?
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Chapter 8
Natural Forces Affecting the Basin


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And welcome to the eighth chapter of Lessons on the Lake, Natural Forces Affecting the Basin. We'll learn about global warming, sea level rise, hurricanes and learn how to solve some of these problems. In the process, we'll learn enough to start our own newspaper!

Are you ready? All right! Let's get started!

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  1. Introduction
  2. Essential Questions
  3. Global Climate Change
  4. Are Sea Levels Rising?
  5. Subsidence and Erosion in the Basin
  6. Activity: Thinking at Right Angles
  7. Activity: Linking Lake Factors
  8. Hurricanes
  9. Activity: Subsidence and Erosion
  10. Activity: C-Mail
  11. Activity: The Pontchartrain Picayune
  12. Activity: Multimedia Presentation
  13. Activity: Help! I'm Up to my Hips in Water!