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“I’m a Survivor”


  • Use field experiences and/or the Internet to research the plants and animals of the wetlands.
  • Observe and collect ecological information about the plants and animals of the wetlands.
  • Understand adaptations of plants and animals to wetland ecosystems.
  • Compare and contrast the flora and fauna of a local wetland with those of another wetland in the state, country, or world.
  • Prepare a portfolio of materials documenting the research.
  • Communicate information about the plants and animals of the wetlands.
  • Note: If it is not possible to provide students with a field experience, this
    activity can be conducted as an Internet research project.

Teaching Materials:


  1. Working alone or as part of a cooperative learning group, follow instructions on the “I’m a Survivor: Student Field Log Sheet” and the “I’m a Survivor: Internet Log Sheet.”
  2. Prepare a portfolio containing documentation of your field work and Internet research on wetland flora and fauna. Include items such as:
    Photos, slides or video, Audiotapes, Journals, Collected specimens (any collecting should have an absolute minimum negative impact on the wetlands), Drawings or sketches, Map, “I’m a Survivor: Student Field Log Sheet” and “I’m a Survivor: Internet Log Sheet”


  1. Have students present the results of their Internet research to the class or to other classes.
  2. Conduct a litter cleanup of the area around the field site.

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Some manatees have been known to grown over 12 feet long and weigh up to 3,500 lbs.

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  3. Ecosystems
  4. Energy Flow Through an Ecosystem
  5. Healthy vs. Unhealthy Ecosystems
  6. Biodiversity
  7. Threatened and Endangered Species in the Basin
  8. Decision Making and Issue Analysis
  9. Ecosystem Tumble
  10. Activity: I'm a Survivor