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Water is all around us. It gushes from our faucets, showers, and drinking fountains. We use it so frequently and casually that we take it for granted. Do you know the source of tap water in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin? On the north shore of the Lake, it comes from the north shore aquifers. Water for Orleans and Jefferson parishes is drawn from the Mississippi River. What’s the source of the tap water in your community? Here in the United States, each person uses about 100 gallons of water every day. What impact does that have on water quality? Take this quick quiz and see!
  1. Do you allow water to run when brushing teeth or washing dishes?
    Or Do you run the water only when rinsing?

  2. Do you wash your cars or pets on a concrete surface?
    Or Do you wash them over a grassy area?

  3. Do you let the water hose run unnecessarily when working outdoors?
    Or Do you control the flow with a water nozzle?

  4. Do you waste water by flushing tissues or hair down the toilet?
    Or Do you save water and dispose of those things in a trash can?

Based on these examples, try to estimate your family’s water use for a day by opening the large chart below:

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  5. Quiz: Daily Water Use
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  9. Project F.U.R.
  10. Activity: Mini Action Plan
  11. Activity: Journaling
  12. Activity: How's the Water?