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"How’s the Water?"
Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting


  1. Perform simple water monitoring experiments.
  2. Collect and analyze water quality data.
  3. Make observations and inferences about water quality.
  4. Communicate collected findings about water quality.

Teaching Materials:

  1. Water quality testing materials and equipment per student team:
  2. Water testing kit
  3. Secchi disk
  4. Distilled water
  5. Copies of handout “What Do We Test?” (Page 128)
  6. Copies of handout “Factors Affecting Lake Pontchartrain” (Page 129)
  7. Copies of handout “How Do We Organize Data?” (Pages 130-133)
  8. Copies of handout “Monitoring Water Quality” (Page 134)
  9. Copies of handout “Water Quality Monitoring Worksheet” (Pages 135-136)

Getting Ready:

  1. Obtain water quality testing materials and equipment far enough in advance to become familiar with the techniques and procedures.
  2. Familiarize yourself with a local water testing site, if necessary.
  3. Prepare for field trip.
  4. Discuss water quality parameters with the class.
  5. Review mathematics skills necessary for the lesson.
  6. Demonstrate use of water quality testing materials and equipment to students.


  1. Working as part of a team, complete handouts: “What Do We Test?”, “Factors Affecting Lake Pontchartrain,” and “How Do We Organize Data?”
  2. Conduct water quality monitoring tests in the field, or get data from the website given.
  3. Complete handout “Water Quality Monitoring Worksheet.”

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Goldfish are closely related to the wild Carp.
  1. Introduction
  2. Essential Questions
  3. Water Cycle
  4. Activity: Water Cycle Walk
  5. Quiz: Daily Water Use
  6. Activity: Brainstorming
  7. Measuring Water Quality
  8. Water Pollution
  9. Project F.U.R.
  10. Activity: Mini Action Plan
  11. Activity: Journaling
  12. Activity: How's the Water?