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Journal writing is an effective way for students

  • To reflect on information they are learning
  • To express their thoughts and feelings on an issue
  • To develop and enhance their writing skills

Examples of questions for critical journal entries include:

  • How do the choices I make, good and bad, affect our water quality?
  • How can I improve the choices I make concerning my use of our
    precious water resources?
  • How does my personal use of water affect water quality in the
    Lake Pontchartrain Basin?
  • If I could swim or boat along the shores of waterways in the Lake
    Pontchartrain Basin, what kinds of pollution would I find?
  • How do those pollutants affect living organisms in the Basin?

Here are a few more examples:

You are a dairy cow in a herd of 300. The amount of waste generated by the herd and entering a nearby stream distresses you. As a representative of the herd, what would YOU say to the dairy farmer?


You work at Bun ‘n’ Burger, a local fast food restaurant. You found out that the grease trap is being emptied by a company that dumps the grease into the LaBranche Wetlands bordering Lake Pontchartrain. What would you do?


You are a tomato plant on a large farm in a rural parish. You’re worried that the pesticides and fertilizers running off the land will cause fish kills in a nearby waterway. Here comes the farmer again, ready to spray. You tell him, “STOP!
_____________________________________.”(Finish the story.)

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Pet goldfish should never be released into the wild. They reproduce abundantly and may reduce native fish populations.
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  8. Water Pollution
  9. Project F.U.R.
  10. Activity: Mini Action Plan
  11. Activity: Journaling
  12. Activity: How's the Water?